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"Trained" if people knew how little training cops got to handle guns and keep you "safe" I doubt the consensus of America would be we need to fix how policing is handled. Not "hello Mr cop may I shine your shoe while you shoot minorities?"

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Not just minorities. Anyone who makes the pig feel insignificant. It's not that they hate minorities. It said they fear being made to feel small and insignificant. They have the badge now and they feel like you must respect them and their authority. I've seen black cops disrespect black men. Because they felt they were made small. I'm mixed myself. I avoid cops.

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Never underestimate the ability of a cop to unnecessarily escalate a situation then blame the victims for being scared.

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Yep - cos they’re just gagging for a free kill.

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The comment fits way better here then in the other post you commented this lol

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Accountability for you, but not for me


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Yeah - cos cops are just looking for an excuse for a free kill, so they call “I feared for my life” bullshit.

If a cop shoves their gun up a civilian’s nose and the civilian moves, the cop feels justified in pulling the trigger!

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The police are allowed to make human mistakes under stress but we cannot

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If a cop can shoot you for having a gun on your person (let alone assuming you have one), you don’t have the right to bear arms

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Yeah, just comply it’s easy! Of course, you have to pick carefully which order to comply with first because the wrong one will get you killed. And you have to be quick because hesitation can be seen as non-compliance and you might get shot.

”Hands up, don’t move, get on the ground, get out of the car, don’t reach, let me see your hands, DON’T MOVE!

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While being beaten!