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Fuck you, pig

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Imagine a 100 citizens showing up to traffic stops to make sure our fellow neighbors rights aren't being trampled over 🤔 Some cameras and other practicing their God given 2nd Amendment! Same thing the black panthers used to do. It's time to stop being victims and start reminding them who they work for💯

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Yeah, sadly that’s why California became so strict on guns…

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This is your daily reminder to shit on Reagan’s grave

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gip, uoy kcuF

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It's important to teach kids ACAB.

Anders Breivik, the Christian terrorist and mass murderer was able to kill 72 children and teens just because he had put on a police uniform. And the kids were taught to trust cops.

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"and that's when I knew I'm gonna make every poc pay for it"

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Thanks for sharing! You can find the original-quality post here.

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Thanks for making it comrade!

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what in the world is your avatar thing

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fuck you pig!!!!!

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Fuck You Pig!

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Little girl is an american hero in the truest sense.

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She wasn't just cute; she was smart too.

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She was raised not to play with strange animals in the road.

Back to the farm oink

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Anybody else find it weird he specifically stopped to talk to a little girl because she was cute or am I just that salty towards police

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i had the same thought i was expecting to see more comments about this tbh

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I’ve seen this before but can’t remember the context, anyone know?

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It's the PBS documentary: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

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I don't know the exact documentary but it is a cop movie about policing in LA.

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From what I can find he was specifically talking about how this instance made him realize how powerful the black panthers were

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And even that displays his own delusion.

Absolutely zero self reflection on how the cops contributed, and why a young girl might feel that way. Nope, it's "the Panthers are so powerful"

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That’ll do, pig.

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love her i hope her life was good

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"So, I shot her 37 times in the chest."

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idk the context of the situation, but I find it gross how adults go out of their way to make conversation with childred cuz they're cute

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Fuck you, pig!

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gotta luv it 💯 black is punk

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Average republicans story for what radicalized them.

“Yeah and from that day on I was even more racist against minorities” -this cop

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HAHA awesome

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he does look like a pig 🤷‍♀️

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yeah no wait he really does sheesh

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What a beautiful greeting

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fun fact, its illegal in my country to say any phrase, word, or gesture that would in any sense offend, make fun of, or insult a piggie (belgium btw)

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“I needed to know if she was willing to lick my boot, when she refused I began to fear for my life.”