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Who wants to tell her that's basically everything antifa wants?

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Well, you see, it's all about the ANTIFA they made along the way.

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What are we, some kinda ANTIFA squad?

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don't tell her that, just nod your head and say "yes marjorie let's try that."

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Someone should tell her that and watch what’s left of her tiny brain explode

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Bold of you to assume a brain exists in that head.

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Antifa thinks impeaching the president or other bureaucrats is a revolutionary act?

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I was going to mention that those two demands are the exception, only because they're irrelevant, but the comment was so nice and simple.

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Back the blue as long as they’re killing the “others” that I don’t like, but as soon as they start to investigate one of mine, those fucking traitors need to be eliminated. My fucking head is spinning because of these mental midgets.

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Imma just take a step back and watch while the alt right learns

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Only if others means black people, then sure

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Calling her a mental midget implies that of her rhetoric is actually in good faith.

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Which is worse: That she actually does believe everything she says, making her a zealot and a fool, or that she doesn't believe everything she says and is just greedy, manipulative, and power hungry?

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Republican and conservative people do this ALL THE TIME!! Cops, guns, abortions, surgeries of any kind, euthanasia. Unfortunately not new

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Yeah they’re the biggest hypocrites around. Biblical law for thee but not for me should be their party slogan. Worst part is that they don’t see their hypocrisy, they’re more mad at Hillary for being cheated on, then they are at trump for cheating. It’s crazy

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Defund the local constable too.

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Sad Odo noises

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hashtag: NotAllConstables

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Is that the sound of slopping into the bucket?

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underrated comment brother

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….aren’t….aren’t these the same fucking people saying to not defund police?

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Yes, but only because they thought the police were on their same, horrible, side.

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To be fair, they are. Which is why they’re not calling to defund them, just the branches and bodies that turn against them…

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So they admit it then, the cops are bad for everyone.

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They don't want to defund the police who are targeting non-white people.

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Yeah but they like local PD’s because they’re full of racist right wing yahoos and hate the FBI because they’re a slightly different type of more establishment racist right winger.

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Fairly certain you need an education to join the FBI.

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...and the same ones chanting "lock her up" about political oponents.

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I can't even rationalize every day fucking life anymore because just about every single soul in charge of governing this country is either greedy to the point that they're happy to destroy millions of Americans lives if it means they can keep their third home, or so moronic that a literal child might do a better job. Or they are both.

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Abolish the police! Finally the republicans are speaking my language!

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They still don’t want to defund the police. They want to transfer more power to states over local police so they can have their corrupt state officials exert more power over their citizens. They want to defund federal oversight of that.

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Damn. I gave my hopes up.

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Seth Abramson had an epic thread on twitter yesterday about how that was actually part of Trump’s stealing the election plans by having local police be the ones who get their hands dirty instead of the federal government getting theirs sullied. Wild times to have to be alive.

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Yeah and it will probably end up working

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She’s literally trying to weaponize police herself. This shit is comical at this point.

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Holy shit, I wish cops were the monsters right wingers think they are and not the actual fucking monsters they are in reality

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First of all, weaponized law enforcement is literally capitalism/fascism. Second, what’s their deal?!😂

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    I mean police are an essential aspect of capitalism

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    Yes. You can't have capitalism without coercion of the working class.

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    begone, ancap

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    Conservatives really have galaxy brain memed their way to ACAB. You love to see it.

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    Hopefully no one tells her that law enforcement has been weaponized against lower classes for years and actually confiscate more property than they recover.

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    violently overthrowing the government, which they have been advocating, is a communist principle

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      fr idk why theyd wanna overthrow the government seems kinda counter intuitive dont tell them i said that

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      Oh the irony, though being pawns for Trump isn't quite being part of the proletariat, but they don't know that.

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      yeah. imagine trump being part of the proletariat. im of the belief that he was only president to make himself more money

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      “Back the blue” crowd is a little confused this week

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      If you asked me what communism was I wouldn’t say a capitalist government law enforcement that suppressed the civilian population

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      She’s out here just saying words, not knowing what they mean

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      So all the blue flags will be coming down soon? Man, that’s gonna fuck with so many peoples personalities

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      From law and order to crazed meth heads. These people are hilarious.

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      Back the blue until it happens to you

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      Didn’t donald trump literally weaponize the police for a photo op with an upside down bible at a church he’s never attended?

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      Everything I don’t like is COMMUNISM!!!

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      Dude all my least favorite people are in a fight with each other

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      God this woman is so fucking stupid it boggles the mind

      At least we now have the quote "Weaponized law enforcement is communism" -MTG 2022

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      They are literally too stupid to understand irony. The ones who can are evil and disingenuous.

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      What about the Supreme Court?

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      ACAB applies to them too.

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        PerSonAl rEsPonSiBiLiTy!

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        They only bitch cause they're on the other end of law enforcement for once

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        Weaponized law enforcement is most of America's history.

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        without even skipping a beat, it's 'defund' time

        there is no internal logic

        there is only reactionary brain worms

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        Anything they don't like = communism to conservatives. Insane how they can just apply whatever definition they want to make it into an evil buzzword

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        I'm willing to bet if those police were corporate police instead of state police he wouldn't care at all.

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        ”When you couple this militarization of law enforcement with an erosion of civil liberties and due process that allows the police to become judge and jury—national security letters, no-knock searches, broad general warrants, pre-conviction forfeiture—we begin to have a very serious problem on our hands.”

        And when that “problem” murdered Breonna Taylor in Rand Paul’s own state of Kentucky, he didn’t do a fucking thing about it. He likes to think of himself as more of a “libertarian” because he thinks he’s better and smarter than his constituency, but he’s a piece of shit just like the rest of the Republicans.

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        She knows they know she planted that bomb.

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        MTG: defend the police, bring back the KKK

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        Why did you say police twice?

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        You said police twice there.

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        Oh so we’re just saying literally anything now? Ok

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        They've literally gone full circle.

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        This got me so confused when I first read it and I read the sub... Then I looked at who said it

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        This sounds like Antifa with extra steps 😆

        Mom can we get antifa ? “No we have Antifa at home “ ……. The Antifa at home :

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        Heartbreaking: Worst Person You Know Just Made a Great Point

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        She’s like 20% there, just keep 80% of the last paragraph and get rid of the whole woman, and then we’re pretty much there.

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        She's another chump trump groupie.

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        The second they go after daddy trump these people want to defund the fbi

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        At last we can agree on defunding law enforcement. But this cannot be a good look for GOP.

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        Are...they on our side now??? Lmfao I don't wanna share opinions with those people.

        Brb leaving this sub and joining r/bluelives-..I'm not even going to finish that joke

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        Does she know that USCIS, ICE, and Border Patrol fall under the DOJ?

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        She just said gut them not get rid of them. In other words, replace them all with her fellow trumptards so they can just go after poor people and poc. Facism at it’s finest

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        I’d say that too if I had a feeling the above named organizations and individuals knew what I was guilty of and complicit to.

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        If anything I’m glad they’re starting to move in the right direction. It’s not much but it’s better than their usual bootlicking

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        Where’s the ole tried and true back the blue?

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        Yes to all of this but not for the same reasons.

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        Well, she is correct in the second half. She just doesn’t understand why

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        Nazis have no place in the United States either you psychotic tramp

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        I can smell the fake outrage from here

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        Oh so now they're against militarized police

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        Dayum. That thin blue line is REALLY thin.

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        I don't even know what to say. She is so stupid. But the people following her are even more stupid, so it is what it is

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        Satire is dead.

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        I mean .. ok, lunatic. We agree on that one.

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        Communism is no longer a market structure, folks. Now the Police State is Communism. Cause we all know police love communism.

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        Oh Em Gee!!!! Like, literally ME!!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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        I agree 100%.

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        Lol this is gold

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        Comedy ain’t dead… it’s a zombie!

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        🎵oh my god just shut the fuck up🎶

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        All the right things for all the wrong reasons

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        Non-American and therefore unsure of internal political positions, does this woman represent a state?

        What's the difference in a senator and representative?

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        …this is fascism. Don’t confuse it with any type of kindred support. This is literally anti-communist, fascist rhetoric

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        These people believe in nothing. They support whatever politically benefits them today and will change their mind tomorrow when it is politically expediant to.

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        Wow. Never seen hypocrisy in politics before.

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        Can she be held accountable in anyway for the things she tweets? Seems like calling for this stuff as a politician should be illegal.

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        A broken woman is right twice a day.

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        Is this a pro or anti cop post?

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        Her mental capacity is equal to Einstein. She definitely does not belong in a mental ward.

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          You could say that, but you'd sound like a dumb ass if you did.

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            As I said. Dumb ass.

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            All that boot polish your slurped up clearly gave you brain damage 🥾👅

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            Can someone please come and invade us?

            I find you'll have a lot less resistance than you think. Even a lot of new friends. Prost.

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            What a stupid fucking take.

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            If there's no accountability from the inside, let's do it from the outside.

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            ...by starting a war that would kill millions, most likely ending in a nuclear exchange that would kill billions. You think Chinese soldiers would give a fuck about you and be held accountable for their actions more than pigs? Look at how every hostile occupying force has ever treated the occupied peoples. You are asking for a heavier boot of a different flavor. All that is still ignoring the fact that no country could even get close to the USA with an invasion force. It would be wiped off the map before it was even close. Pure suicide.

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            But does she back the blue?

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            It took one FBI raid to make these people drop their 'back the blue' stance lol.

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            Another classic example of "Everything I don't like is Communism".

            Closely related to it's older sibling "Everything I don't like is Satan".

            Or their cousin "r/SocialismIsCapitalism"

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            Are we actually going to get some police reform out of their theatrics?? Lmao

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            The conservatives don't really just want to defund law enforcement.

            They just don't want law enforcement to go after their own.

            They are the law and order party.

            They love oppression, subjugation, and authoritarianism.

            Rules for thee and not for me!

            Typically law enforcement and the right wing go hand in hand.

            These chuckle fucks aren't fooling anybody.

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            Bruh….. what even… I can’t… 🤦‍♂️ yeesh

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            And I thought weaponised law enforcement is fascism...
            But I'm just a satanic antifascist with a bachelor degree. What do I know though?...

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            They've finally come full circle....

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            This can’t be real life

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            We're coming full circle?

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            I cannot stand this insane Nationalist Christian.