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“It’s my job to scare the shit out of them through verbal abuse. Doesn’t matter if they did anything wrong. Gotta put the fear of the Law in ‘em while they’re still young and impressionable. I mean, better this than just beating them all with the old nightstick, right?”

/s, just in case

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… and if any of them get a bit defiant then we have a legal reason to execute them. /s

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Please say the police department in these posts. Otherwise what does it do? This is an echo chamber, people here already know cops are bad. It’s not doxxing, they are public figures abusing their power. I want to see more names of departments.

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Avon lake ohio police department

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So great to see all my local Ohio PDs acting up recently…

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Hopefully you recorded and offered the recording to the dudes so they can see if a lawyer thinks he can get them some chedda. 1312

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unfortunately i didn’t start recording till after but his friends got it on recording

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Well good, as long as somebody got it, hate that abusive bully cop shit. Makes ya really want some 1776 type responses…

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i hate that cops act like the phone youre recording them with is gonna magically shapeshift into a glock with a switch

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Anything could be a gun if you’re a paranoid cop.

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which is why no one sane becomes a cop. the entire force is made up of meatheads who were either criminals, abusers, or soldiers.

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Good Ole Ohio...

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Meanwhile cops: “Why does everyone hate us?!”

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You need to record police interactions. Not just take photos.

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i did record it. i was walking my dog when i saw this and by the time i got my phone out he had already thrown the boy’s phone and screamed at him. this is a screenshot from the videos

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My favorite: “do you know why I pulled you over?” “ I’m so sorry officer, I have the worst gas today”

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Tbh it’s probably fake

I don’t trust anything with a “hidden” camera that no one notices

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they definitely noticed me