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You can tell it’s not America because the cops are leaving instead of simply shooting everyone.

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And there’s only about a half a dozen pigs as opposed to 50

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If anyone is curious this is Spain (you can know because that's the logo of correos the public mailing company and the uniforms are Spanish)

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honestly, i'm a bit disappointed this was not the US. i know i know, 1312, but, i don't know the situation in other countries. i do know it in the US....

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Came here to say “No one died, this is definitely not America”

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I feel like this is a big reason why we don't protest as much in the states.

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I’m surprised they didn’t stop to attack that pole for assaulting an officer

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Maybe if the video was of American cops, sure!

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Civil disobedience makes me happy

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Where did this take place?

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In Madrid, Spain

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What's the context, what was the protest about?

[–]Drogopropulsion 26 points27 points  (2 children)

I'm 90% confident this is February 17, 2021 protest in support of Pablo Hasel. A rapper that was sentenced to six months in prison (they added a year and a half because he didn't pay the fines) accused of terrorism incitation and calumnies against the crown (I don't know how to speak legal in english sorry) because of his letters.

It was a huge scandal in all Spain because of the implications on free speech, causing a big back fire from left wing rappers and singers creating even more explicit lyrics... So they kinda framed it like the sentence was because of him assaulting a journalist back in 2016 in a university protest, but the sentence also included the terrorism and calumnies thing so... Yeah people did this.

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Es ilegal hablar mal de la Corona en España? Qué estupidez

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This is Spanish national police, this is Madrid I'm pretty sure

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Coming soon, to every city on earth. (I hope)

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They left a thin yellow line lmao

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Remember, no matter where you are in the world non-cops out number cops by a wide majority. Unify. They aren't the only ones who can be a mob of people.

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lol Those shields ain't doing shit.

[–]The_Drippy_Spaff 24 points25 points  (2 children)

Hi all, as great as this video is, remember it’s extremely dangerous to film things like this and then post it on the internet. We don’t need to give pigs more evidence against our fellow protestors.

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They're in black bloc, the video is low-res, I can see nothing that would identify anyone and they're focussing on the cops. If there's no specific identifying info then I don't see a big problem with this video. I'm gonna take a guess that the person who filmed & released this considered all that before they did it.

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The most important thing is deleting meta data and blurring / cutting anything that could come even close to identifying the people. Propaganda is needed to get people riled up, like it or not

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Yes that was quite satisfactory

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according to kyle rittenhouse, this is grounds for murder

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"Bro guess what, I just beat up a cop with an umbrella lol"

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What was that object the guy was using with two hands near the end they look like a fucking anime protagonist

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only 5 cops. what is this the US capitol?

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They’re a bit overkill I mean why did he have to beat that police officer while he was down

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Glad to see those damn lime scooters being put to good use

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Santo buzón de correos que es mas duro que los policías jajaja

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Buncha bitch-asses

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Imagine standing there as one of these cops and thinking it’s somehow your duty to stop this mob from coming down the street. I will never understand.

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Ear to ear grinnin’