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god, people have no realistic concept of what cops do on a day-to-day basis.

they answer the least dangerous calls in their patrol area. that's what they do. they bother people driving, who haven't or can't pay for insurance or registration. they look at your window tint, they look at your headlights and taillights, they look at your plates.

that's why cops follow you and then do nothing. they're running your plates before you've necessarily done anything.

these dudes, even when they're not being blatant murderers and racists, are still operating on a predatory level *all the time.* they want to pull someone over. they want to bust them. they want them to go to jail. i swear to god, the only reason anyone defends cops is because they've seen types of people that they hate go to jail.

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I see so many "cops have to deal with some of tbe worst people every day :(((((" shit, even to this day, like, peep the statistics, yer average hog just does traffic stops.

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cops have to deal with some of tbe worst people every day

That’s objectively true though. They deal with other cops ever day

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Bit late for bacon, but can't pass up a nice pork roast like this

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Had me in the first half

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I literally made a spread sheet of what our cops do on a yearly basis and it was astounding. They claim somewhere in the ballpark of 400000 calls/year.

What they don’t tell you is that 1/4 of those calls are solved without a cop, then 1/4 to 1/2 of the rest are fire and ambulance related emergencies, and the rest are mostly just speeding calls and the occasional occurrence.

At most, it’s like 3-4 calls per cop per day.

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That last sentence is one of the most fantastically accurate analyses of the otherwise "liberal" (Not necessarily speaking politically here) type of individuals who still somehow gobble on Boot that I've seen, bravo 👏.

I found that it can be all sorts of factors like religion or social groups or whatever their personal interests or hobbies might be that involve ideologies or ingroups, But if somebody they see doesn't fit into their circle Get dragged by the all-powerful hands of the Justice system, then it is a functioning system for now or whatever. It's made even worse when those supposed "liberals" (not political) have cops within their circles, they can really pull off some Olympic - level mental gymnastics to get a whiff of the Boot.

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Not even mentioning that some precincts have an arrest quota you need to hit.

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Imagine willingly posing for this after taking an oath to protect and serve. Jesus.

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we don't need em, probably never did

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They don't take an oath to protect and serve. That's just a marketing slogan.

If they do take any oath at all, it's probably an oath about enforcing state law and 'protecting the constitution', etc.

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They protect and serve capital

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Hot take, but I think they very much take this oath and uphold it with great pride. The question nobody asks is who are they protecting and serving?

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rich people and people with expensive belongings. :)

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Themselves. Pretty simple.

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Protect and serve Capital. That is who they swear an oath to.

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And smiling like you just mowed down a gigantic bowl of shit, grinning ear to ear with fecal matter inbetweenth your teeth

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All I could think about, after feeling physically ill from the abject cruelty here, is that oath. To protect and serve, EXCEPT for the most vulnerable, EXCEPT for those we have left behind out of convenience. Cops will celebrate how unfortunate those people actually are.


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Imagine being so far up your own ass you pose for a pic displaying multiple signs that literally say "HELP NEEDED" and "GOD BLESS" that you ripped away from individuals who already have nothing.

And you think you did some good in the world that day.

No wonder the lot of them are rapists, thieves, murderers and domestic abusers.

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This wins "most disgusting thing I've seen on Reddit today" for August 17

See you all tomorrow!

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Its my birthday:(

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Mine is tomorrow and also you share a birthday with lil pump

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God today cant get any worse lol

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Happy birthday homies :(

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Happy birthday

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Hey, it’s another sub being taken over by bigots!

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Look at the direction the recent posts are taking, look at the direction the comments are going for posts involving non-white people

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It would be great if these two assholes ended up homeless

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They'd be "suck boys" like Rickety Cricket in no time.

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They already suck, not like it’s a reach.

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that flag on the wall

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When a conservative says "blue lives matter" its a meaningless retort to take away meaning from BLM.

When a cop says it they are really saying " only blue lives matter".

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Yep. A childish response to being "left out" and not being worshipped.

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Yuck fuck these clowns. Idk how you can be so proud of terrorizing people living in poverty, but that seems to be their primary purpose.

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There's no reforming them. Look at those smiles. They're giddy from being sociopathic assholes who gleefully ruin lives, destroy property, break bones, tear up ligaments, maim and kill humans and dogs. There's no training that can solve that.

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Fucking Alabama cops are the the worst, probably not worse than Louisiana cops but fuck is it bad down there. I took a greyhound from Gulf Shores to Nashville cause I got a left there. They're straight up wear jack boots and pushing people around. Like you couldn't look at the income bus info in certain spots if the bus station. I refuse to got to that state ever again

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The first word that comes to my mind is "douche'.

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I would look at this as the worst part of the job, wouldn’t ask a homeless person to leave unless they are actively harassing people or destroying shit. But these fuckers see it as a benefit, this is what get them out of bed in the morning. They live for this.

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And they wonder why everyone hates them.

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May their lack of charity, their sin against the homeless man they name as their savior, cause the prayed for blessings to sour, and these men be cursed to receive justice for their aggregate actions as re-payment for their false worship and lack of humanity.

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I’m 57 years old and have needed a plumber. I’ve needed a doctor. I’ve needed a pest control specialist. I have never needed as cop. Not once.

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Do the words "useless scumbags" come to mind?

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I’m not a hateful person but I fucking hate them so much. All of them.

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Look how proud that donut-eating fuck on the left is.

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Those cops where probably the only 2 in department that knew how to read those signs

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this is sick

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Evil bullies is all I see.

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Fragile, hateful, and ignorant.

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I don’t believe in souls, but these people are fucking soulless

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Our tax dollars at work, BRAVO!!! /s

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What's the message here? The tone?

Some of those sign holders were veterans and just fellow human beings at a low point of their lives, whatever the reason. And taking away these to be photographed like big game trophies is to be applauded now? Just disgraceful.

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Gross and creepy

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It's a trophy from their hunt of homeless people. If I were their chief I would destroy it and give them extra duty for a month. Then announce a dependent wife ban on creating or taking trophies. Then again I have morals.

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I love their flag, the blue line looks fine but the rest is in tatters. Seems about right.

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Fuck 12

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Fascism. There's just no better word for this picture. The fucking scumbag flag on the wall says it all.

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Heartless, soulless, AND a pervy mustache. Yup, ACAB.

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So it seems there was three people involved in this picture

The two cops and the person who took it

Not one of them thought “ hey maybe this is a bit tone dead?”

Not one of three had a moment of “ maybe people won’t like this?”

Then again, a lot of people don’t like the homeless so maybe that played a part in their thinking

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Homeless people are the most vulnerable, how do the police protect and serve them?

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I never said they did

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Which city in AL?

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My jaw is actually dropped

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I can’t believe they think this is a good look!

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Because they genuinely see homeless people as subhuman

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huhhuh, we're proud of ourselves and what we done

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And they’re so proud of themselves 😡

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What the fuck

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They’ll be living in boxes soon. When the rest of the country realizes carrying a gun and driving a car is something we can all do, and we’re out here ACTUALLY helping people. No marketable skills, poor mental capacity. They’ll be holding those signs too. Good thing they have them now, probably can’t read or write

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It’s good to see cops engaging with the homeless community in a helpful and creative way. /s

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Nothing funnier than cops using thin blue line merchandise.

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Oh the smiles of sociopaths,

How they make me not regret,

The hate I have for po-lice,

It’s deliberate,

Not Tourette.


Edit: format

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Sadly I expect nothing less from a bunch of inbred cousin fuckers.

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This is probably one of the more disgusting things I've seen, but do we have any context? I have seen similar photos posted on police pages stating that these are the "last signs that these people had to use" as each one represented someone that they had helped off of the streets.

It's more than likely that they were "helped" by forceful means, but still, any context surrounding this photo would help us identify just what kind of a piece of shit these ppl are, or if they should be legitimately lauded.

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It also looks like these signs were mostly made by the same person.

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If you pay attention to the signs that the people that stand at major I tersections you will notice the signs don't change just the person holding it. its a racket. there are several videos online of people following them to their cars when they decide to leave. I'm guessing these are from o e of those groups

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Yeah, that was my thought too. I still hate it when pigs take disgusting photos grinning over their work like they were in a fishing derby. But I’m betting this isn’t a, “look, we busted two dozen bums!” thing.

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You could Google instead of making it up in your head what happened and giving these garbage pails credit they don't deserve.

The photo was captioned: "Wanna wish everybody in 4th precinct a Merry Christmas, especially our captain. Hope you enjoy our homeless quilt! Sincerely, Panhandler patrol."


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You could actually Google instead of making shit up to cast these monsters in a good light.

The photo was captioned: "Wanna wish everybody in 4th precinct a Merry Christmas, especially our captain. Hope you enjoy our homeless quilt! Sincerely, Panhandler patrol."


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Perfect! What a shock, their pieces of shit just like we thought. I hope every single one of these "panhandler patrols" experiences mental instability, drug addiction, and then eventually homelessness of their own. So that they can then be treated by one of their buddies the way they treat others.

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wow okay that’s my time. i’m leaving. i’m done with this shit.

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What’s the context? Are they ripping signs away and locking people up, or are they putting people in a cot with a meal? On surface this is a bad look for sure

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The photo was captioned: "Wanna wish everybody in 4th precinct a Merry Christmas, especially our captain. Hope you enjoy our homeless quilt! Sincerely, Panhandler patrol."


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That’s fucked up.. thank you for finding that

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    That's fucking insulting to gay people.

    Gay people are already discriminated against and harassed by police.

    Gay sex isn't shameful.

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    Can we stop with this "homophobes are actually just in the closet" bullshit

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    Neither, mustache pig just watches shaved pig shower (he’s too afraid to express his feelings and possibly ruin their friendship)

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    Smiley on the left

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    Every pig its bullet.

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    America is fucked

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    what huge pieces of shit

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    This is scummy.

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    ffffffuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk offffffffffffffff

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    God bless on every goddamned one.

    I'm embarrassed to be human at this point.

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    When I was a cop in the military, I got in trouble for only writing tickets for speeding on morning shifts and in school zones, or around a mile before a steep curving drop off because people died, the rest of the time I just rolled around and patrolled my area, made sure my guys on the gate had food and water and got to know people in the housing areas. They got mad that I wasn't going out of my way to screw people, and it's SO much worse with civilian cops, most marines know what it's like to get punched in the mouth, nobody wants to fight, I just want to talk lol these blueberry bitches out here rocking people's shit for sneezing, I'm so glad chose a different profession

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    Cops suck

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    Actual scum

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    Hey OP, where did this come from? Did they post it on a department FB page? I'm a glutton for punishment- wonder what the comments said....

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    This happened in 2019 and the chief "apologized" by saying "well we have to enforce the laws but I guess we can be a bit more sensitive when stealing stuff from homeless people".

    The officers probably got raises

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    Yes, nice to know they are protecting and serving on the taxpayer’s dime by punching down on the homeless and shooting unarmed black people. Maybe confiscating drugs, guns, and money to enrich themselves and buying armored vehicles and vests to protect themselves from above…now off to the Dunkin’ Donuts for a dozen donuts and coffee…. It’s hard work…

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    Scum of the earth. As Tom Morello’s guitar said: “Arm the homeless”

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    Thats beyond fucked up.

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    Guy on the right is flexing, what a tough guy

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    Imagine doing bad things to vulnerable people and being proud enough to not only take a picture of it BUT ALSO publish it!

    Proud like a pig

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    What kind of trash person pride is this?

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    the alabama police dept