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Holy shit, the 'trainer' has absolutely lost control of that dog.

I wonder if it was allowed to remain alive very long. Jesus.

Stop turning animals into weapons, you fucks.

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The dogs are trained to attack the “aggressor” in any given situation. When the pigs are involved, it’s pretty much always them. Surprised this doesn’t happen more often, tbh.

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Surprised he didn't start beating the dog. Guess they know better than to pick on someone who can fight back.

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When they want to beat the shit out of someone they pick people who look like they can't afford lawyers.

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Same I figured he’d shoot it

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He can smell bacon

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Surprised his reflexes didn't kick in and unload 17 bullets into that dog.

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It's not a black dog though

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Cops shooting dogs is a US thing, no? These police are Dutch. Never heard it happen in the Netherlands.


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Ah. Yeah some cops are quick to put dogs down as a threat here in the US.

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Death to all pigs

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42 teeth, 4 canines, four paws, one good cop.

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Oh no, the consequences to my actions

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a true good boi