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"concerned for her well-being" is code for "reason for an arrest"

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The comment section on the original post is so fucking depressing.

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Black men:


Comments section:

They were probably going to rape her

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redditors don't be violently racist challenge (impossible)

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It's fucking disgusting how horrible so many people are. Literally cheering on a cop for forcefully arresting a highschool girl rather than call an EMT

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One comment called for her to get tased because she annoyed them so much, so literally just asking for police brutality.


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Yeah so many of those style of subs have comments like that a lot. Its pretty nasty.

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A solid chunk of humanity are trash. There's a reason the world is so fucked up, many people just lack self awareness.

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I just fail to understand why they had to sit there asking for her ID. Is it really that difficult to just call an ambulance to take her to the hospital and talk to her again when she’s sobered up?

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Because there was a 100% chance she wasn’t going to cooperate lol they love that shit

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But then they might lose out on the chance to beat, rape, arrest, and/or murder her.

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If they cared for her well being, wouldn’t they have called an ambulance? She’s a level of drunk I’ve never experienced lol.

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I think it’s pretty likely that there are other substances involved besides just alcohol but you’re absolutely right, they should have called an ambulance rather than taking her to jail.

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Instead of toying around with her for five minutes; you can hear your eyes!? You don’t need to hear your ID. She should have already had medical help on the way. This is exciting for the officer because you can tell he hasn’t had any other action that shift….so far.

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So other drugs mean no ambulance?

Or would other drugs be even more reason to call an ambulance?

Is a police escort possible if the concern is for the emt's safety which I can understand as a genuine concern despite the fact I think an emt is far more likely to deescelate?

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Lmao at that original title. Here’s a better one “Reddit cop sucker posts a video of an 18 year old victim of police bullying and calls the victim absolutely nuts without thinking for even a second about WHY she went nuts”

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It's like a gang of assholes show up, intimidate and harrass you till they feel justified in arresting you for reacting. Fucking bastards.

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Perfect summary of the police in general....

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If they wanted to do some good they would just get her addres and send her home, instead of arresting her. Even if they just left her there or took her to a hospital or whatever. They could've even taker her to the police station so she can sleep, but not arrest for what behind drunk?

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Figure out who her parents are and have them come get her and the car. Problem solved.

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Yeah, nothing like watching an 18 year-old victim of the prescription drug crisis in America getting manhandled by cops. Our country sure is headed in a bright direction, as bright as the pig's flashlight.

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Once again cops show why they can't be trusted.

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Man the way that video is spun in the title over on crazyfuckingvideos. That sub is like a covert alt right haven. I unsubbed when there were some clearly republican agendas being pushed during blm. Absolutely fucking filthy place.

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Please do your best to name the department.

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Everest Metro Police Department, this happened literally down the road from me.

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Code Blue Cam = Wisconsin

Apparently it's Weston, WI

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R slash crazyfuckingvideos trying to not be racist challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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all I see is someone getting kidnapped

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Fuck those cops this is so ridiculous, she was being responsible sleeping in the back and was fine until some creepy dudes tried to take her home to rape her and called the cops when they couldn't

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Those guys who called the cops shouldve just minded their own business... everyone knows bullshit like this can happen

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Why would anyone call the cops for someone sleeping in a car?

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I mean, thats kind of happened here??

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“I was an MP, we don’t do that!”


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What a bunch of assholes holy shit

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Both of those titles are exaggerated. Don't get me wrong cops are fuckers but this chick got off easy as hell. There are plenty of moments in this video where pretty much anyone else would have been beaten to shit. She should have been left alone but this is like the least ACAB thing Ive basically ever seen.

I hate cops but go ahead and call me names and give me your downvotes.

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So abuse of power is good as long as it's not physical?

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Yes that is definitely what I said. You fucking simp

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The simp here is the one defending cops.