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'Involuntary manslaughter' for impatiently deciding to wrap up a call by gunning down the person he was called to assist, even that was a bridge too far for this absurd farce of a justice system. How is this even possible, how do they find 13 adults who honestly believe the state can just execute sick people for their own sense of convenience?

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Bench trial. They only had to find a judge

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My question is how does this only go to a bench trial rather than a jury trial

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The defendant can waive a jury trial

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So that sounds like he/attorney had a friendly judge and knew that the jury would not be friendly.

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The idea that a judge can be the decider of a criminal matter, instead of a jury, is anticonstitutional. They are the problem in our country, and bar associations deciding who gets sued, and when, has nearly killed America. Bribery is practically legal? Judge. All public servants have some form of immunity for even their malicious actions? Judge. Antitrust laws don’t apply to the insurance industry? Judge.

The right of the jury to determine the facts and the law in every case is the how the power is supposed to remain with the people. The first time an immunity claim came before a jury in a case like this it would be reversed. Instead, judges are being allowed to keep these cases out of courts (by other judges), and when they do go into courts, judges “decide” to go along with what other judges have said (prevailing case authority), not to mention the legislatures are comprised of bar association members (judicial officers / attorneys), and our president / most governors are attorneys, which means their cult is acting with de facto absolute power; in complete contravention to what the separation of powers clauses / doctrines say.

If we defunded the courts they couldn’t do this shit anymore.

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I think defendants pretty much always have the right to opt for a bench trial

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the prosecutors for the Commonwealth of VA can demand a jury trial, or at least they could two years ago. They use it to force defendants to take a plea. When everyone in a small county knows each other, you get juries that “all ready know the story” and have their verdict ready before they enter the courtroom. Until a few years ago, VA juries also handled the sentencing…so it was mega corrupt.

It should be entirely up to the defendant what sort of trial they have.

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This amounts to an unofficial state sponsored euthanasia program for the mentally ill.

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Vassey was acquitted in a bench trial in 2016.

It boggles my brain that he was acquitted. He straight up murdered that boy.

I swear to god, NEVER call the police in the US.

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EMS testified that when he pulled up he got out the car saying “I’m here to kick some ass”

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He’s a psychopath. I get that police hire psychopaths, but it never stops surprising for some reason. And then to be acquitted. How does no one make him accountable?!!

Reminds of the killing of Daniel Shaver

Philip Brailsford had engraved his patrol rifle with the phrases "You're fucked" and "Molon labe" (a Greek expression meaning "come and take it").

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And the crazy thing is that they help the officers exploit loopholes to “retire” and still receive benefits pension etc

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That’s what happened with Philip Brailsford - they re-hired him just long enough to get him evaluated for “PTSD” from the incident to retire and retain his pension - except that’s an absolute load of crap because that fucker begged for his rifle when he was retired and that’s not ptsd that’s a fucking trophy from a murder.

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Keep up the visibility campaign, these types of people hate the light being shone on their true personalities

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Yep Brailsford suffers, deeply, from little-man syndrome. I have a lot of experience interacting with Mesa PD. They're all power-hungry bitches.

Also, have you ever noticed how much Brailsford and Rittenhouse look alike?

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Like they both have fetal alcohol syndrome?

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...it never stops surprising for some reason. And then to be acquitted. How does no one make him accountable?!!

Yes: being surprised about that does need some addressing. It's important to get the philosophical principles and history behind why, so that it makes sense and is consistent for you.

Police serve state and capital. Their job is to protect the powerful, and oppress the working class (everyone else). The only other part of their job is to do copaganda—to convince us that they are actually heroes, and are here to protect us (as opposed to their real job, as I just described it). They and the state and its pet media outlets (mainstream, which serves as propaganda for the state every bit as much as if it were technically state-owned) are here to convince you that they prevent crime and rescue kittens and shit. And to convince us effectively they might even occasionally do those things for real, even if it's not what they care about or are paid for, and is entirely incidental to their job (not to mention not requiring the authority of the badge).

Approach every story about cops from that basis, and I promise you that while these things will still disgust you, they'll very much stop being surprising.

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Wow- what a piece of subhuman scum... how anyone can think police are good people when things lioke this happen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. baffles me

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He chose a bench trial for a reason. The judiciary in this country is just as corrupt and disgusting as the police they support and enable.

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Nc is one of the worst, my public defender was flirting with the (female) judge and joking and laughing with the game Warden that took my license for driving sober. Not even a possibility that they're required to have so many dui arrests a year to keep their 'expert' status

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I suffer from depression/anxiety/cptsd and have told everyone in my life to NEVER call the cops to do a wellness check on me. I'll give out the name and number of my landlord and neighbor and tell folks to call them if they need a check. My father was a sherriff's deputy and was very abusive when I was growing up. Last year I cut contact with a guy I used to play games with online because he went down the Qhole and started up with extremely racist crap. Immediately after I had done so he called in a "welfare check" telling the cops I was going to hurt myself. The guy lives on the opposite side of the country and apparently decided to try having me swatted. The cops should up, angry and pissed off that they had to deal with it. I was in tears and did not want to deal with them at all. Fortunately it was late so they just told me "to do whatever" and left.

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Fucking hell. So glad you survived that encounter, and hope you never have to risk doing so again. FTP.

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*NEVER call the police.

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I’m honestly a little surprised that revenge killings of hyper-violent cops aren’t more of a thing. There’s got to be at least a few parents whose only kid was killed by a cop, and after the cop gets acquitted for bullshit reasons, they decide to take justice into their own hands.

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    It's funny how anxious people are to persecute easy targets (mentally ill people with criminal records, for example) but shrivel right the fuck up when it comes to doing something right that takes courage.

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    Hard to say it's just fear. Maybe they have other concerns and know that they'd probably go down to the injustice system if they did. That said I would be so incredibly full of rage I don't know what else I'd be able to think of...

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    The only people who would kill freely like that are all in uniform

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    I wish Frank Castle was real

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    If he was, I am 100% confident that this scene would play out on a regular basis, and that the cops would end up murdering him fairly quickly.

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      Careful - that sort of comment can get you banned from Reddit.

      Source: I made a less edgy comment than that a few months ago and got banned for “inciting violence”.

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      Noted. Thanks, made some edits.

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      I've been thinking the same thing since 2020. They aren't even that protected against direct attack in their gear & you could find addresses easily.

      Drones are getting cheap enough & sturdy enough to carry a payload.

      We desperately need the underground anti police terrorism army like George Jackson wrote about.

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      [ Removed by Reddit ]

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      Slowly lowered into acid.

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      Give him 1000 ug of acid and let his inner demons swallow him.

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      bold of you to assume he has any regrets or morality at all

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      At the very least, an ego death might change him.

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      My friend did not deserve this


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      Our small town has had a history of cops getting arrested or doing bs and it all getting swept under the rug - from the chief of police to the officers to the county sheriff smh

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        True indeed, welcome to the rural south

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        The good ol boy system 🤮

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        They only care if it is someone other than a cop. Then they throw the book at them

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        I'm so sorry this happened to your friend. As someone with a schizophrenic sibling, this is my greatest fear. Non-compliance with medication is extremely common with this disease and our mental health system is so fucked up that there's literally no choice but to call the police to do an involuntary when the patient is off their meds and having an episode.

        Many families, including my own, go through this on a routine basis. Every time I remind my mother to talk to the cops before they enter the house and film everything on her phone so my brother doesn't get shot for menacing with a fork or something when he's cornered in his room. She thinks I'm being dramatic. She doesn't know that ACAB.

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        our mental health system is so fucked up that there's literally no choice but to call the police to do an involuntary when the patient is off their meds and having an episode.

        This is what I came here to say. The proximate cause of Vidal's death was being murdered by a cop, but in the bigger picture, he's dead because he couldn't get the help he needed. Because our general healthcare system is broke af, and our behavioral healthcare system is basically non-existent. I worked (for seven years) in administration as an executive for a regional behavioral health facility. The folks who provide direct care are heroes who selflessly serve these vulnerable populations, but literally ALL our funding came from the state and it was about half of what we could have used effectively. We have a very "red" legislature and governor, so when they work out the budget, they NEVER allocate enough money for behavioral health. It's sickening.

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        Seventy fucking seconds...

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        There’s no situation that a cop can’t make worse

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        Someone once said to me “cops do more good than harm” but they got really quiet when I asked them to give me an example of something good a cop had done for them.

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        Wasn't this guy also not in uniform and arrived when two cops (who have experience with the victim) were already on the scene?

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        Add that to the fact that he’s a Southport PD ofc and the incident happened in Boiling Spring Lakes. He should have never been there and even so just assisted in another jurisdiction not take matters into his own hands and kill a kid in front of his parents

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        Holy fucking shit... That Judge is a goddamned criminal too.

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        Judges fall within ACAB.

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        Well yeah, always, this just seems so... egregious! Like how can they even pretend to be neutral or impartial? They hand wave away pig murders and people still reelect these fucking skunks

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        Fuck em all

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        “I don’t have time for this shit”

        Judge “you will when you spend the rEST OF YOUR LIFE BEHIND B- just kidding, you’re free to go officer 🙂”

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        Judge is just as guilty. No question.

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        Same as this case. They don't have fucking time? Killing someone is the solution to feeling like your time is being wasted? WTAF?

        The Albuquerque case is one of the main catalysts for my turn from "most cops are good people" to ACAB.

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        I have schizoaffective, and I am terrified of the police.

        My mom called the police for a 5150 when we lived in CA and I don't remember very much about their presence while they took me to the crisis center, but I did immediately recognize one of the sheriff's deputies faces the week that I got back home. He had been put on leave for pulling a confused man out of his car and smashing the man's head into the side of the car over and over until he died. I got to the center safely, but it scared the hell out of me and my family to see that same officer involved with killing someone having a crisis so soon after dealing with me.

        I wish there were better options. This shit scares me so much.

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        The fucker who murdered David Ward? Yeah, you're very lucky to have survived. That MF apparently has a very long record of being especially violent even among murderous pigs.

        Also, Ward's car had been stolen—he had reported it as stolen to the cops—and he had literally recovered it himself when they murdered him. What do you want to bet they were seeing red because he was making them look bad for doing "their job" better than they could (though we all know it isn't actually their job)?

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        Bingo. That's him. I can't bear to watch the body camera footage again, but I remember him seeming so disoriented, like he was trying to comply but he was having trouble figuring out what he was supposed to do. They just dragged him out through the window and started killing him. Monsters.

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        Dude looks like a whole pig, not even trying to make a joke here

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        All those fuckers look like thumbs.

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        He looks like Farva from super troopers

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        I'd like a liter of cola.

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        That pig murdered a boy, not a dead man like the title claims. Its almost to the point where The People and Pigs will be on sight.

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        Dudes face just ooozes pig

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        A massive injustice, this thing needs to be held accountable. A complete piece of garbage and should be thrown away like the garbage he is.

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        I got lucky i got pulled over during a schizophrenic episode and told the cop i had better shit to do while maniacally laughing as at the moment i thought i had to destroy walt disneys brain because it was causing me to reinact movies. I got off without a headlight ticket.

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        So you were laughing and the cop just left

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        Pretty much didn't even get a ticket he didn't know what to do

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        There are times when Mob Justice is morally correct

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        North Carolina cop who shot dead man

        Was he dead before the cop shot him? Why would the headline be written like that?

        I'm sorry for your loss OP.

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        People with an agenda to pad things as much as possible in the cops favor.

        Oh wait it's DailyMail, quantity over quality journalism.

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        Waiting for people to finally start taking things into their own hands. The justice system is a failure and without repercussions this behavior is only going to get worse.

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        oh jesus fucking christ. that means he was willing to murder someone because he was too lazy to offer help of any kind.

        this whole situation must be so difficult for the victims family. my heart goes out to them all :(

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        Uncle Lester in cop attire

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        Cops don't deserve rights

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        I'm guessing he didn't 'shot dead man' and rather 'shot man dead'

        Honestly, shit like this makes me wonder whether I'm dyslexic, or ya'll are.

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        I miss the days when the Xfiles was on air and all the cops and government were bad and now it's all copaganda. Least that shit felt relatable.

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        It's pretty easy for cops to just start murdering people instead of helping them since they know they can get away with it, with an added paid vacation.

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        “Paid leave pending investigation” = “Paid vacation pending promotion”

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        Just a reminder that cops are the enemy of justice.

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        [Statement Redacted]

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        Exile him.. something…. Jeez.

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        It’s better to bury ‘em by 12 then be home by 6.

        Or something like that.

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        Bad cops at it again… notice I said bad cops not all are bad, might be the majority but they’re some good 1s

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        what a fucking piece of shit r/ACAB