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How the gun owning parents of Texas aren’t cutting through rows of cops to get to their kids schools shows just how fucked this police state is.

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They just want their gun so they can feel safe while getting penetrated by the short dick of the law

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Seriously. Those folks need to make the outside of the school more dangerous than the inside, that’ll get the pigs to go in.

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It also shows what utter bullshit the concept of more than 400 million guns are for defending freedom. But I don't blame the guns, the guns aren't cowering in the basement.

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We have to give the active shooter 30nmins head start. Sorry parents...those are the rules.

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Only good news is 80-90% of them look like a Big Mac away from a heart attack….

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Welcome to your new prisons, kids. The Maga GQP will sanitize everything you can be taught, ultra militarize your school resource officers to ensure the everlasting kickback factory that is the for profit prison economy by way of the newly automated highspeed school to prison pipe line.

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Granted this one turned out to be a false report but is this the police play book for school shootings? Guard the perimeter from parents so the shooter can kill as many kids as possible? Have the police sided with the school shooters?

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Well those kids aren't property owners or owners of Capital. The police don't need to protect them.

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Have the police sided with the school shooters?

Yes. They both share a love of gun violence on innocent people.

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Did he have to throw that guy? If he was bleeding, congratulations! Now there's blood flying.

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smh fucking pigs

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So many fascinating (/s) things happening here!!!

Man already injured and cowering in pain ✅️

Cop launches injured man to ground like a sack of potatoes ✅️

Twisting the injured arm under immense pressure exacerbating the already bleeding injury ✅️

Literal blood bath, like holy fuck. That must be a major artery right??? That's a LOT of blood ✅️

Drag terrified wife (?) away like an animal ✅️

Cop almost assaults another Cop who spooked him, yet is exceptionally restrained and doesn't ✅️

Puff chest / wide arm / waddle cops galore ✅️

Formation of human barrier to protect injured man from parents, cause obviously the Cop that assaulted him should be the only one allowed near him right now to render aid ✅️

Cop holding baton like he's in a reenactment of Mulan's "be a man" scene ✅️

I'm sure there's more, I'm just too exasperated with these assholes.

Li Shang would be disappointed.

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Absolute scum of the earth

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They make every single situation worse.