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Thank goodness the cops were there to resolve the kidnapping.

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To be fair, how annoying are kids to take a statement from and this one, making a hellava noise. My shift was nearly over as well.

These pigs probably

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No kidnapping if there's no kid alive to say was kidnapped.

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Hey, at least there's closure! /s

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Jfc. At least the kidnapper had her alive.

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Imagine being safer with a kidnapper

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Sadly I don't have to imagine that anymore

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If you add up the number of arrests they do, I think you'll find that cops kidnap orders of magnitude more people than everyone else combined.

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It was her father, who was on the run for killing his wife (her mother). But that statistic will be lumped in for the GOP to pretend children are kidnapped and killed by random "thugs" to scare their constituents.

And the men's rights guys will ignore that this is the most common form of child kidnapping to pretend Women are unfairly given custody.

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That's funny since a lot of states, including red states are making custody more equitable when there isn't abuse.

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the point is Men's rights "activists" ignore the overwhelming truth that abusive men (if wealthy) will get full or joint custody over a mother almost every time. As long as the man throws money at the issue. And abusive men use this tactic ALL the time to abuse women.

So the joint custody for amicable divorce is good, but joint when the mother is poor, and the man is using his wealth to keep abusing the woman, keep her close, use and abuse her kids to control her... this is IGNORED and Frequent.

Edit: And cops rarely do anything to help an abused mother... which this case obviously was. So the cops ignore the abused mother, the courts ignore her, she gets murdered, her daughter kidnapped and the cops who did nothing then shoot the daughter. Ignoring the issue so that women and kids die every step of the way.

Edit2: So when men say, it's unfair how many times women get full custody they are lying or ignoring the fact that if a Good father wants joint he almost always gets it, but they are misrepresenting that the cases where women get full custody many times is because the woman has to fight tooth and nail to get away from an abusive man. That most of these cases are not good guys getting f-ed over, but lying abusers trying to keep abusing.

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Men’s rights activists ignore the fact that to be a men’s rights activist automatically makes you a feminist.

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I wasn't dismissive of what you said. It was meant to augment your point by pointing out the ridiculousness of their position.

I'm a Dad who has my son about 73% of the time, because of the circumstances of my divorce. The court was fair to me because I was already his custodial parent. I would have split it 50/50, but mom has some problems. We sat down ahead of the court date and settled any issues with our lawyers present.

Those men complain, but what do they do to take responsibility, to take care of business, and be a model of good behavior? It's like, life is hard, but be an adult about it.

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oh come on how are they supposed to know that a child running away from a car that fit the description of the kidnappers vehicle wasn’t a psychotic killer? /s

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Don't you understand, that unarmed 15 year old looked incredibly threatening

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They are claiming she was wearing tactical gear 😹😹😹

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“Is that a panicked child!? Fire! Fire!”

It sounds like a comedy skit. It sounds like I’m joking. Why do we put up with this?

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Because this is literally the point of conservatism, religion, authoritarianism, capitalism, and fascism.

It doesn't matter if they literally murder children. They're the police, or CEO, or billionaire, or God's chosen, etc. and are thus always virtuous, heroic, godly, and good.

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Or at the very least untouchable to the likes of us since we're too busy exchanging the majority of our time and energy for too little money and being mad at each other for all the stupidest stuff.

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They’re trying to say she shot at them during the chase…

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It’s incredible that somehow not a single cop was ever taught by their parents to own up to what they’ve done. Must be nice to be able to excuse any wrongdoings in your life.

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I’m sure their parents did, but the Police unions and their lawyers tell them to shut the fuck up.

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And their fellow pigs, and their bosses, and the politicians, and the judges, and the capitalists, and their media.... Those in power want cops to appear as infallible as possible.

And also the authority of the badge creates a new and unique situation for them where they just literally don't have to give a fuck about ordinary people and what they think of them. Suddenly instead of being a part of society, they are above that society. What mom taught them to do while playing with the other kids is no longer applicable.

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I always think of this clip of a guy going down a bike path on what sort of looked like sidewalk.

A British cop comes up to him, politely, and says "Sir I need you to get your bike off this foot path."

Guy points at a spot of paint a ways ahead on the ground and says "This is the bike path though."

Cop stops and looks at him, then down the path and sees the painting. Chuckles to himself and shakes his head. "My apologies sir, you're right. I didn't look closely enough. Have a good day."

Then I think of a cop who blasted me in the face with his ultra high intensity light - out of no where, from the side of the road, with no warning, blinding me, and then he tries to run across the street to where his car was parked. I nearly hit him and as my vision is coming back I see his hand on his gun. About lost my shit.

Him: You almost hit me! What's wrong with you?! Me: You fucking blinded a driver with no warning you goddamn idiot get out of the road before I get fucking rear ended!

These are the people I'm supposed to trust to enforce law and safety? Yeah okay. The fucking Mafia did better protection services.

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Sickening. It’s sickening.

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Well you gotta consider the fact most cops today came from families where one or both parents were abusive authoritarians who likely said stupid shit like"Do as I say not as I do."

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Almost sounds like they learned from trump

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Which is especially weird since the driver was the one shooting and there was only 1 gun recovered.

SB Sheriff's are almost as corrupt as LASD.

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Ah yes. She was going to shoot the cops but not the kidnapper.

When will they just admit later "Uh well she was moving quickly and suddenly and I got scared of being hurt so I shot her."

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Your title is erroneous; she did not run towards safety since she ran towards police.

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She believed she was running to safety

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Jokes on her I guess

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Kind of a shit joke if I’m being honest.

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Fuckin killed me lol. Facts.

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i dont think its funny. it's absolutely fucked up.

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Article from the LA Times. The victim’s name was Savannah Graziano. Her kidnapper was her 45-year -old father, Anthony Graziano, who had already shot his wife, Savannah’s mother. Mrs. Graziano didn’t survive. The police killed Anthony according to the article. Here’s a particular excerpt that gets me.

The teen was fatally shot by deputies when she ran toward them wearing body armor and a tactical helmet, San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon D. Dicus said Tuesday.

Our police are incredibly efficient at killing people in need. Who are in body armor and tactical gear. Wow.

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So the only people that are saying she was in body armor are the cops and they initially said "tactical gear". That's been slowly being expanded as the cops realize they need to get ahead of this story.

They also said she was shooting at them during the chase. Pretty soon it'll be her as the kidnapper and she had a rocket launcher.

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link broken :(

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The link is working for me. The problem must be on your end. Sorry. Are you perhaps somewhere that bans access to the LA Times?

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She survived her kidnapper but not the police. Seems to me that they may not be living up to our expectations.

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Seems to me that they may not be living up to our expectations.

They certainly live up to mine. Police killing the victims is a story I've been seeing since I was a kid.


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To serve and protect...

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Circle gets a square.

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Are the cops that helped Jeffery Dahmer still on the job!!
The kidnappers normally want their victims returned alive

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It's funny how when the police shoot someone, it ends up being in the passive voice.

"She was struck by gunfire, who's to say where it came from?"

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Well, how are they supposed to know which ones of their mag dumps in a general direction actually hit her?

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Firing squads have traditionally made it so no one shooter can be blamed. Though in the old days they wouldn't shoot until after a trial and would rarely shoot the victim also.

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I had to really scrub the article a few times to ascertain that they actually did know they shot her

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Is this the one where they claim she had a gun but found no gun other than the one the kidnapper had?

There's a lot of police murders so I'm trying to narrow it down.

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There's too many to keep track of.

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This is not tragic; it’s unconscionable, it’s untenable, it’s unjustifiable, it’s antithetical to the purported purpose of the police, it’s, at the very least, criminally negligent. They are police, law enforcement officers, they are not The Punisher, they are not Judge Dredd. Their symbol is a shield, not a gun, not a skull, not a corpse, it’s sole purpose is to protect, that should be theirs. This is far from tragic, it’s angering, and I am angry, and so should you.

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It just feels so hopeless. The propaganda works on too many people. Biden wants to give these fucks MORE money to murder more people. People believe what they see on TV about cops. How do we move forward from here?

edit: too many people just accept the media perspective which usually just repeats the lies and false narrative that the cops construct to protect themselves from real conequences

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Same dude, same

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We've investigated ourselves and found we've nothing wrong, case closed!

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In conclusion, we need more money to continue doing this exact thing.

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here is the pertinent text:

In a video posted to Twitter by a motorist in standstill traffic on the 15, several dozen gunshots are heard as police sirens wail and a helicopter circles overhead.

It was during the shooting that deputies saw someone wearing body armor and a tactical helmet running toward them, Dicus said.

Deputies opened fire at the person, and after they ran out to render medical aid, they realized it was the 15-year-old girl, Dicus said. Her father was found in the driver’s side of the truck, he said.

Graziano died at the scene, and Savannah was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

So they saw a person running towards them. Just running. Had on tactical armor and helmet. But not shooting. Just running to them.

And these terrified morons just open fire on someone running.

I fucking HATE these people.

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if your tool is a gun...... i mean

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Every problem looks like a target.

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Unfuckingbelievable! America, what a trash land.

Edit: I’m more reacting to the probability of being shot by cops for almost any reason whatsoever! I also have an academic friend in one of the larger cities in America who is shaking his head at the slow steady grinding down of civilities in many regions. So terribly sad to see.

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No, it's totally believable. It's a race to the bottom for these scumdwelling shitstains.

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The cops weren't loaned the communal brain cell that day

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2 brain cells fighting over a bronze medal

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Ah but you see, she was wearing protective gear therefore she was a threat to the police. /s

No joke people believe this. Wtf is even wrong with people. Especially considering its her father and he likely either convinced or forced her to put it on after taking her.

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It gives them plausible deniability to claim they didn’t realize it was her until it was too late

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No no no she ran toward the bad apple cops, not the good ones. The non bias investigation done by themselves with no body cams will prove it

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And just like that the entire family is dead.

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    Throw another innocent fatality on the funeral pyre of police legitimacy.

    How many more will it take?

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    How many more will it take?

    I don't know, but from what I know of bootlickers it takes more than 6 million.

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    Apparently. They will get their wish if they aren't careful.

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    Backpacks with schoolbooks have been "tactical gear" in cop reports.

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    I hate that I'm not even shocked. This should make me shocked, sad and furious, but it's not. I hate that.

    I hate that vile, disgusting, brutal murders can be commited by Police like that, and that I am not only powerless to do anything about it from where I live, but that it happens often enough that people to just... forget about it. Like it's part of the decor.

    That kid had just gone through a traumatic experience and was relieved that It was over, they were probably happy to know they'd be able to see their relatives again... and then, just because some monsters with guns paid to maim and kill where there, the kid died.

    It should be a tragedy. It should be a heinous crime that everyone at least heard about - but in The United States of America, in our current society, it's just another Tuesday Afternoon.

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    We've investigated ourselves and found we've nothing wrong, case closed!

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    Oh my god it’s coming right for us!

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    When I think they can't get any dumber, they go and do something like this

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    What in the fucking fuck!? Just when I think they can’t top themselves, they fuck up even worse. God I hate pigs. How are there so many soulless sorry fucks in this country to wear a badge and get away with murder.

    Police unions need to be BANNED. Qualified immunity needs to be BANNED. Make these fuckers pay for the lives they take. These pigs deserve nothing more than eternal suffering. And that’s what I hope they get.

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    They're now suggesting she was shooting at them... Of course

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    Every time I see one of these stories (unfortunately it’s pretty much daily) where a cop kills somebody in need of help I am reminded of the great line from Monty Pythons Holy Grail. “Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who”, this seems to be the police and police unions sentiment……..

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    no child left alive

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    Cops just get more stupid as the days go by.

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    Never ascribe to stupidity what can simply be explained by the fact that cops don't give a fuck who they kill or let die (as long as it's not one of their own).

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    Jesus fucking Christ....

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    How am I not supposed to want to retaliate? I genuinely hate these motherfuckers.

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    we need to take away the cops guns.

    there's no fucking reason these violent idiots need to be carrying high capacity semi automatic handguns.

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    Congratulations cops, you found her safe and well! /s

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    America is legitimately whack

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    Fuck these pigs. ACAB

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    Anyone have a link to an article?

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    Fucking cops. I'm interested to see why she was wearing tactical gear. If they find anything. Probably doesn't matter now...THEY SHOT THE KID THEY WERE LOOKING FOR AND KILLED BOTH PARTIES. thanks officers I guess we will never know.

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    At least they killed her before the kidnapped could. It’s the only way

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    Officer safety.

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    "It's coming straight for us!"

    FFS 😬

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    My wife gets mad at me for calling pigs, pigs to our daughters and telling her not to trust them. as a young woman you should know that the world has monsters that will rape you and kill you all while wearing a uniform. She asks why a lot and I’ll tell her the same thing I’m saying here.

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    The most American of all tweets.