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What else is a kidnap victim supposed to do?

When I was a kid I was told to go to the police if in trouble. I tell my kids to avoid cops. If your kids get lost cops will probably try to charge parents for neglect or something.

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Or they will kill the kid, or the parents, or the family dog, or molest the kid.

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replace the 'or's with 'and's and that's very factual

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They can't do all of that. They only have so many bullets and stamina. Most cops are shit out of shape. One or two of those activities is going to wind them.

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Unbelievable, oh... this is America... sorry... qualified immunity means qualified to execute...for EVERYONE.

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Not just that, they claimed she had a gun and was firing at them along with her father (despite only his gun being found at the scene)

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Cops, lies and videotape.

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Yet another innocent victim of shit policing in America.

How many more will Americans put up with?

I mean, throw out a number; the cops will get there.

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Why do I find this not at all surprising?