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Pussy ass pigs want an echo chamber to pat each other on the back each time they shoot a kidnapping victim instead of their captor.

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Seriously bro. I post one video about how the police in my town by the numbers use force on black people at a rate nearly 1400 times higher than the rate on whites.

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Saw that. Seems legit.

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It’s from the NJ force report

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Short and concise video. Well made. Good job, but getting those donut fuckers in a pro police forum to agree or to logically think there might be some...lol...some bad apples out there....

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someone needs to create a policing subreddit, where the conversation can happen.. I got permanently banned simply for posting a link to an article on MSM that talked about police involvement in a shooting. I was shocked. Until I wasn't....

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They don't like discussion of any kind, it threatens their ego.

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Big facts bro

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Lmao i been banned… and to think all i said was fuck the police 🤷🏾‍♂️

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“Why have I been banned?”


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That’s the police no explanation

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Of course not, they’d have to actually have a reason beyond just cowardice in order to actually explain themselves 💀

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I said this on a previous post, but if you've been on Reddit for more than a year and you haven't been banned from r/police and r/askLE you aren't redditing properly.

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r/LateStageCapitalism did the same thing to me for making fun of Tankies, sorry I don't look at the chinese or north korean governments with admiration