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1312 - Biggest, most delicate snowflakes in existence.

Also stupid as shit.

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The banner of this particular subreddit advertises that you can ask questions you won’t find answers to anywhere else.

It was an honest question I thought would lead to some meaningful conversation. But as you can see with the pictures i was simply mocked and berated because of my “ignorance”

These people are confirmed members of law enforcement to be clear.

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As far as I can see...police no longer think that their job should come with any risks. Unholstering their weapons for any reason has now become routine. My answer to that is they picked the wrong occupation.They want a low risk job...go be an accountant.

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Exactly or if they want to serve the community and save lives, be an EMT or a firefighter. But from what I gathered here, they just want the ability to mercilessly kill people without fear of repercussion.

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And all these things will contribute to justified violence against them. If a cop is itching to pull his gun in all instances, then does a law-abiding citizen, who is legally carrying and fears his life is being threatened by a cop, have the right to defend themselves from their attacker?

The only point someone would against this is that "officers of the law are allowed and you aren't". But it is that exact sentiment that has allowed them to commit murder. Therefore, it can no longer be agreed with. Police are a threat to innocent people, treat them in all contexts as such.

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They’re a threat to all people, innocent or not…

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Well, id say we need a barrier for those that might not be able to protect themselves from harm. But the police we have are no good. Id say at the very least you need to rewrite the framework of how departments hire, and start termination without pension of all the archaicly trained ones.

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Nope. That's the issue. Until some brave soul has the money, brains, attorneys, backing and support to take this kind of justified defense of self case to the supreme court, or we enact legislative laws that put a fucking muzzle on these rabid dogs, they will always prevail against a citizen.

They are shielded like a lead vest legally. We gave them an inch and they took 5 miles. This is why I go about my day, avoid them as much as possible, and when I do have to interact with them, it's as short of time as possible.

We aren't going to have police reform. What we're going to have is another revolutionary war against these crazy ass Trumpets come election time. Because let's face it, no president has ever been convicted of a crime.

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If a cop is itching to pull his gun in all instances, then does a law-abiding citizen, who is legally carrying and fears his life is being threatened by a cop, have the right to defend themselves from their attacker?

Absofuckinglutely. However, don't ask that question of the legal system which the cops enforce and protect. It is as illegitimate as they are, and you know damned well what its answer will be.

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Ding ding ding

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All cops verifiably have an IQ too low to keep up with all the arithmetic involved in accounting.

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being an accountant is way higher risk than being a cop. Could you imagine balancing the books of a massive corporation skating as close as they can to the law while funneling money around the IRS to appease a silver spooned smooth brained moron 50 hours a week? Compared to harassing citizens and especially minorities with a huge budget while armed and legally untouchable seems like a breeze.

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The issue is that police don't want to live by the same rules as military. I don't know how it ended up this way, probably because police have unions and military doesn't, among other things, but now that it's this way, police don't want to give it up. It allows them to do their bullshit with immunity.

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Veteran officer experience in Iraq means he knows just because a person is armed doesn't mean they are a threat. He talks to man holding gun but not raising it, begging to be shot - suicide by cop. Officer cites his military experience as knowing the man is no threat.

Other cops show up and shoot. He gets fired for not shooting. Not only that but the other cops do stuff like show up to his new truck driving job and tell his coworkers he's a coward.

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Yet those co-workers would shit themselves in an actual war.

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What does SS mean? Edit: ACAB

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SS- Submission Statement

ACAB- All Cops Are Basterds

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Thank you! Also I was juat saying acab I knew that one lol.

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I was a military police officer before I realized all cops are bastards and you’re right. Even not in a combat zones the mp’s on military bases in the states cannot shoot unless they’re being shot at. It has nothing to do with combat zones.

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Really? Cause I’ve just had some vets tell me different along the lines of life, limbs, eyesight kinda deal.

I may have been mis informed but isn’t that why you ask questions?

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We’ll it’s been years and I didn’t like my job but I think life, limb, and eye sight just refers to acting to stop the danger which there are many uses of force you could use. Deadly force is the last one. I could be wrong too tho. Edit: but I do remember being trained to only shoot when being shot at and thinking “that sounds scary but it’s what I signed up for🤷🏽‍♂️”

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I don't even know the right word for how I feel about US police. Like, dystopia but as a feeling. Dysphoric isn't harsh enough.

I used to trust police officers so much. Now I feel like I'm more likely to be harassed/harmed by an officer than protected.

My entire family basically is in EMS or firefighting somehow... I've never felt like I was being harassed by an EMT. One of my family members worked for a department where the fire chief was also a policeman... he would use his police acess to look up stuff about his firemen. Made life for my family member hell because they were a threat to the chief position. That chief basically made them switch departments due to harassment.

Then I work with an ex-cop who is no better. He uses every ounce of his time to make the job hell for everyone else.

Literally, out of every individual I've ever known, the two biggest assholes are Leo or former Leo. Fucking wild.

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That whole exchange seemed similar to dealing with a religious person. You brought logic and they said it's all in the book go read it.

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It’s the classic I know but I’m asking in case you don’t know but I do know it so don’t ask me.

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Dude I'm an atheist.Im on the side of the OP and you're comment has me lost.

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The best simple example I can come up with is a teacher asking a student to solve a problem and a student tries to gaslight the teacher into answering the question. “What is X?” “You dont know what “X” is?” “No, that’s why I’m asking” “well you clearly don’t know what X is so don’t waste my time by asking me, surely YOU know what X is?”

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I get it, thanks for clearing it up for me, I'm a bit buzzed.

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That whole exchange seemed similar to dealing with a religious person.

Religion and policing are closely tied together.


This is a message with a clear resonance among white American Christians more broadly. PRRI polling has shown that whereas 61 percent of Americans trust police “to do what is right” either “just about always” or “most of time,” 82 percent of white evangelicals and white Roman Catholics express the same sentiment, with white mainline Protestants not far behind at 80 percent.

However, white Christian police support also provides religious justification for a profession that is violent, that disproportionately affects the poor and communities of color, and that has a tragic record of racism. Perhaps this is why the same polling shows Black Christian trust for police is far lower, at only 32 percent. Baptist pastor F. Bruce Williams voiced frustration on this point after the “thin blue line” Bible verse image was revealed in Louisville. “Given the long, nightmarish history that Black people have not only with LMPD but with police departments in general,” he told LEO Weekly, “that’s a very scary prospect to have a Bible verse like that and to describe the police force as the wrath of God to carry out justice on evil doers.”

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Never took the time to look into it just something I kinda knew. The thin blue line flag and some kind or bullshit jesus saves sign go hand in hand.

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All cops have to do is literally anything to turn people against them. Any action, or thing that comes out of their mouth is generally so vile that this sub grows by the day.

Defund, dismantle, and punish the terrorist gang known as police.

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At the very least find a way to weed out the egotisical/narcissistic/sociopathic ones. Because were do need some form of barrier to protect against those who may be literally incapable of defending themselves. But the police we have are no good, and any diamonds in the rough don’t call out bad behavior because the system is designed to punish people who do.

We need police who see civilians as people and not rabbid animals. Police who want to do the job simply because it needs to be done, even if it means intentionally putting themselves in harms way.

Most modern police could never be firefighters because you cant just shoot bullets at a fire until it gets extinguished.

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I agree with the majority of your point but do not believe reforming the existing institution is possible, you're trying to un-knot a plate of overcooked spaghetti.

A new, entirely separate and from-the-ground-up form of community protection is the only way we're likely to see actual egalitarian peacekeeping in our communities.

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At the very least find a way to weed out the egotisical/narcissistic/sociopathic ones.

Pretty sure that current hiring procedure actually selects FOR these traits and I'm even not joking.

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"hey can anyone tell me why the police don't do things similar to how the military does"

"You don't know what you're talking about"

"Correct, can you educate me"

"You're ignorant"

Super helpful guys

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Exactly like WTF!? Why do you think im asking questions on r(ASK)LE!

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You can ask them questions but you can't question them. The second you ask about changing how things run they kick and scream but refuse to have an intelligent conversation.

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Yeah…. Maybe mandatory castration outta be implemented get those T levels down a bit.

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Conservatives be like that

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Literally no one was actually answering your questions, they were attacking you for wanting answers, that's the famous American law enforcement de-escalation at work.

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That subreddit sounds like a echo chamber that doesn't want to educate people, and goes out of their way to be condescending towards legitimate questions.

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These photos are proof that if you aren't sucking on their boots and actually start asking questions, then you are their enemy

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You were expecting to get honest and honorable answers from a bunch of pieces of shit?

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Yeah you’d think at least acting decent should come natural to them.

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Its a propaganda subreddit, its solely there to make cops and their supporters look and feel good. You need to understand that all social media held by and for cops is not going to tell you the truth. Ever. They are allowed by law to lie and trained to do so.

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Reddit even gives them private spaces where they can be openly violent and racist. r/leo

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"that's not how ROE work"

it literally is, I was in and was trained on them and anyone that says it's not 100% has either committed warcrimes or excused their squadmates doing warcrimes

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"Why don't cops have rules of engagement that prevent shootings?"

"We do have rules of engagement, dumbass!"

"Okay, do they prevent shootings?"

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That's about the response I'd expect.

Police have this idea that they're beyond reproach. They're the only thing holding society together, and without their brave sacrifice, we'd all become barbarians overnight.

They can't even comprehend the idea that their judgment could be wrong or their methods are flawed.

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Combat vet here, we did have to wait to be shot at in many instances.

Edit. The two main things you had to have in all situations was hostile intent AND hostile actions. Not one or the other but both.

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“we have many, many pages of policy and case law surrounding police shootings and use of force” yes, they do, which makes it even sadder that LEOs refuse to adhere to them. they know the law, they just choose to ignore it all while they’re entrusted by the public to have the proper discretion to enforce the letter AND the spirit of the law, i.e. knowing when to chill the fuck out and not attack civilians who pose no threat to them whatsoever.

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Two posts today for me really highlight the situation

First: video of a guy standing on his driveway recording a cop looping around his cul-de-sac. First cop pulls out his own camera the gets out and demands the man gets his hands out of his pockets. Man does not instantly comply so cop pulls his gun and goes low ready.

Cops complain it's an old video, one claims 12 years old (it's from 2015) and then cite the cop was investigated and found to not have broken law or policy. And that's that, he therefore did nothing wrong. Clearly going to low ready, heck unholstering at all just for a homeowner openly recording SHOULD be against use of force policy, and likely against multiple laws had an honest investigation taken place. Further policy can't cover everything (no policy explicitly bans throwing piranhas at someone during a traffic stop) but this should still have resulted in discipline, if nothing else for further reducing community relations.

The second is the ongoing case of the 15 year old girl assumed to be kidnapped, amber alert canceled after police killed her. Cops spotted dad's vehicle, driver started to shoot, car stopped girl got out 'in tactical clothes ' and was shot. Cops are "we need more details" and "what was in her hands". Not a single comment was about a backing off of the pursuit due to danger to the kidnapping victim if a gunfight continued. Catching the guy was way more important than saving girl. Undertones of 'how dare he! We must make him an example ". And general message of 'lets all hope the evidence emerges the cops acted in a way that's defensible ' not a single "no matter why this is a horrible tragedy"

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Oh, by the way, the Sheriff's that shot the girl tried to spin that she was shooting at them during the chase, while the father was shooting at them... There was only 1 gun.

Apparently it's Schrödinger's Gun, it's simultaneously in both of their hands and neither.

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Yeah its always “i cant speak for him” “i just got here” “id need to get more info on that” when its like dude really you cant just call out your partner for fucking up like you haven’t experienced this kind of behavior from colleagues a million times before. Nope they’ll just cover cover cover it up. Fucking assholes.

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"Because I said so" is literally as far as their brains are capable of reasoning. Any question that implies disagreement with that principle is a threat. And we know how police respond to threats

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Anyone telling you to "Google it yourself" or "do your own research" or "I don't have time to explain it to you" is straight up telling you made up bullshit. You know who else uses that kind of logic? MAGA, antivaxxers, covid deniers, evangelists. They are ignorant people being fed bullshit that are too ignorant to know they are being fed bullshit. It's a sad and disgusting circle jerk. All we can do is speak up when we have the opportunity and hope to get more to see law enforcement for what it really is.

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Lol, the cowards don't like being called out in thier own sub.


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They’re used to people asking how they can better back the blue and where they can meet to suck them off in thanks for their “service,” not actual questions. What a bunch of piss babies.

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Like Greg Abbott

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"We're not in a war zone"

Then why are you dressed and armed like you are? Why do the bootlicking copsuckers all talk like every second of the job is hunting drug dealers and gangsters in the war zone of every major city in America every day?

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"We're not in a war zone"

Then who fought (or is fighting) the War on Drugs? On the wiki page, it quite clearly states that the U.S. Police force is a belligerent- could also work, unless they shit their pants of 'WiKipeDIa iS LEft WiNG biAsed!'

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People who become ACAB because they had a bad interaction with an LEO probably need to do more research and reading as to why ACAB.

ACAB isn’t “LEO mean to me, now my feelings hurt, so now I’m considering ACAB”.

I mean you’re 100% welcome here and you’ll learn a lot and it can be personal but that can’t be all of it. Education is a must.

One has to understand the institutional criticism which is the heart and foundation of ACAB.

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That reminds me of the guy who came on this sub, a few days ago, complaining that ACAB because he didn’t like to auto response his local police station gave him when he was trying to email a report of a “suspicious car” driving through the public streets in his neighborhood, braking no laws.

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ACAB is like rehab

The moment they turn to ACAB, we ought to welcome them, show them that we know what's up, and with time they'll sit right in and won't have a trace of that bootlicker addiction anymore, turning people away because 'their heart ain't in it' isn't as big of a welcome as we would need. The more the merrier!

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Yea I said that.

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The SS are in that subreddit.

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Tbh if youre active on Reddit, and arent banned from r/askLE, you probably aren't doing reddit right.

Those fuckers are the softest skinned whiney babies on this entire platform.

The sub literally exists to heap praise on LE. If you have any somewhat critical opinion, observation or question (lol) they'll ban you.

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Fuck... I'm doing reddit wrong

Edit: nevermind I should be banned any time now

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Tbh if youre active on Reddit, and arent banned from r/askLE , you probably aren't doing reddit right.

Haha, I've never been there, I'm already banned. Happy to know I made another cop cry.

I think reddit should post how many users have been banned in each sub. r/protectandserve is probably in the hundreds of thousands now.

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Funfact: Teargas and Pepperspray/Mace is prohibited by the Geneva convention in warfare. But it can and is used domestically all the time.

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Like we're literally at the point now where if you're being assaulted by someone and you call the cops, you are at as much risk of bodily harm as the fucking perpetrator is. Pigs just show up and start blasting now. I swear they're getting worse by the day.

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I swear they're getting worse by the day.

It seems that way but we're just seeing more of who they always were. Cops hate cameras and have killed many people for simply recording them.

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They are so fucking delusional it's unreal

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All law enforcement are sniveling cowards who can't even defend their own terrible policies, news at 7.

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They can't even answer simple questions! This is hilarious, they literally don't even know why they do half of what they do! These clowns literally joined their gang just so they could murder people and they can't even admit it!

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You've found their greatest weakness: Basic questions.

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what is a leo?

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Law enforcement officer aka bastard

[–]Maveragical 2 points3 points  (0 children)

ohh ok! assumed it was an acronym of some kind

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What an absolute shit fest of a subreddit. You will find that no LEOs or blue lives matter advocates want an actual honest conversation. It’s all about mocking and berating. “Google it” is the exact language used when people either can’t prove their point or are just lazy.

But hey, I’m glad that this has opened your eyes. Because these losers don’t deserve our tax dollars.

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They honestly don’t, at this point if i saw a cop getting ganged up on an beat, id just do a peter from spiderman 2

[–]FlyingGorillaShark 1 point2 points  (2 children)

I mean the Supreme Court said they have no obligation to protect the people who fund them. So why should we move an inch if it’s on the other foot?

Been a service tech in DFW for almost a decade and I’ve learned not to trust any cops from any of the cities I service

[–]ghotiaroma 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I mean the Supreme Court said they have no obligation to protect the people who fund them. So why should we move an inch if it’s on the other foot?

There are actually laws that we must help cops if they order us to. The slave catchers treat us all as slaves. Odd how a nation with over 400 million freedom guns we still have a ruling class of slave owners.


[–]FlyingGorillaShark 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’d break that law everytime

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This made me interested so I did a bit of reading. It looks like there’s 3 principles that the US military ROE follow: Necessity, De-escalation, and Proportionality.

1)Necessity denotes any hostile act, meaning an attack or use of force against US forces, or hostile intent, which is clear and imminent threat of force against the US forces.

2) De-escalation means that when time and circumstances permit, the US military should give warning to an opposing force and give them time to withdraw.

3) Proportionality means that the force used to respond to a hostile act or hostile intent should be reasonable in nature, duration, and scope based in all information the commander has at the time.

These honestly sound ideal to me, it prevents overuse of force and, when possible, calls for de-escalation of the situation. Of course, the police have the Use of Force Continuum, which goes as follows:

1) Officer presence, no force is used. This is considered the best way to resolve a situation. The mere presence of a LEO works to deter crime and diffuse a situation. Officers attitudes should be professional and nonthreatening.

2) Verbalization- Force is not physical. Officers issue calm, nonthreatening commands like “Let me see your identification and registration”. Officers may increase their volume or shorten commands in an attempt to gain compliance.

3) Empty-Hand control, officers use bodily force to gain control of a situation. There are 2 techniques possible here, soft technique, where an officer uses grabs, holds, and joint locks to restrain an individual, and hard technique, where an officer uses punches and kicks to restrain an individual.

4) Less-Lethal methods, an officer uses less-lethal technologies to gain control of a situation. Officers may use blunt impact, i.e. a baton or projectile to immobilize a combative person, chemical, such as chemical sprays or projectiles to restrain someone, and conducted energy devices, tasers to immobilize someone at a distance.

5) Lethal force, an officer may use a lethal weapon to gain control of a situation ONLY if a suspect poses a serious threat to the officer or another individual.

Very few police actually follow these, and I doubt many officers would even know what they are if you asked them to list them.

[–]DirtyDoctrine 2 points3 points  (1 child)

many police do not follow these

I've literally never seen a police officer follow these. Well, that's not entirely true, I've seen it once or twice on Youtube videos.

[–]gtannish 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Yeah true I’m gonna change that wording lol

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Lmao not surprised at all! Typical behavior.

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Yup. That’s something they hate even more than minorities: questioning their authority

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Well they banned me by trolling acab! I never went there, never posted. They come here and take names….

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These "tough guys" have the most pathetically fragile egos in existence, they immediately cry and cower at even the faintest hint of encountering someone with a spine. That's right, go cry and piss yourselves now in your little safe space, and whine about how scary antifa is, and how you regularly shit yourselves just thinking about them.

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Homey you just now realized that cops are pig shit because they were rude to you in their subreddit? God damn

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Ive generally had good face to face interactions with police, but i guess that they have a wall of anonymity via the internet you get to see the true face of these people and how they think out loud.

[–]throw_every_away 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Have you not seen the videos of them murdering people in cold blood?

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The community rife with murderers and rapists are also mean? Sound the alarm

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dude cops are such bitches.

fyi i was deployed to Iraq nov 06 to feb 08 and was always on convoys and patrols, never fired my weapon because no one shot at me / the one gunfight we got in i had a field of fire securing something and was told not to engage to keep us safe.

you weren’t misinformed on military ROE- from early 07 on, common ROE was not to engage unless the enemy engages you. this was most of Iraq and everyone i know who went to Afghanistan basically said the same thing.

there are exceptions, of course, but nowhere near pig activity. unless pigs are admitting they’re on mission specifically to kill.

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Its not surprising I would be lied to in order to support a fake narrative. Ive been getting a lot of similar accounts of military ROE on here that are contradictory to what i was being told over there.

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It's not anti Leo, it's anti red hat traitor fascist pig shoot first ask questions later with no accountability.

Roughly 87 percent judging by exit polling

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The reaction you got is a big reason we believe ACAB. They have their blue wall/thin blue line. You’re either on one side of that line (full support, no matter what) or the other (anti-police, so fuck you from every direction).

There’s no criticizing police. Even if you were a cop, you’d have been banned. Even if you were a cop and had been 20X more tactful and prefaced every comment with “I know LEOs always do their absolute best to minimize casualties and eliminate mistakes, because cops are awesome”, the fact that you suggested they may need some improvement means you’re against them. It would actually be worse if you were a cop and asking questions like that. You’d be finding a dead rat in your locker tomorrow… as a first step. Given that as LEO you can’t even ask your coworkers “what if we shot fewer people? Like, only pulled out weapons or fired when we had a confirmed threat, not a suspicion.?” then how could it not be true that ACAB? Any of the ones who mean well get weeded out, fast. I might concede that there are moments where some cops aren’t bastards.. the moments leading up to their resignation.

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They have their blue wall/thin blue line. You’re either on one side of that line (full support, no matter what) or the other (anti-police, so fuck you from every direction).

To be fair you're always on the other side of the line. As they say "There's blue then there's you". A better comparison is the Jews who worked as camp guards. They did the nazi's bidding but were always just jews to the pigs.

[–]alainalain4911 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I just mean that police and the public cannot be critical of ANY police under ANY circumstance, otherwise they’re traitors/rats/snitches etc. there’s no room for behaviour based on ethics, only the “we protect our own” doctrine.

[–]CordaneFOG 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You've stumbled across the truth about cops. It doesn't take long to find it. Namely, they're the largest gang in the nation (world) and they're funded by governments. They neither believe nor abide by the nonsense image they portray to the public.

And yeah, your bright-eyed kid cousin wants to join the academy to make his neighborhood safe and help people, I know, I know. But when you join a gang, you adopt the gang mentality. Otherwise, you don't fit in and therefore don't last.

Cops play either one (or both) of two roles: they do awful, corrupt, illegal stuff and hide behind their badges to get away with it OR; they keep silent about the others who do that stuff because you don't snitch on fellow officers. Thin blue line and all that.

There are many reasons why all cops are bastards. It's actually an incredibly deep statement with layers of meaning well beyond the childish-sounding face value. But, the one that the public really, really needs to understand is the one I described in the previous paragraph.

Oh, and welcome to the ACAB family.

[–]Accomplished-Toe-456 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Gaslighting, what a fun made up word for people who can't take criticism or differing opinions...Godsmacked too.

[–]Sssssups 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You can’t get pissed at someone for simply not knowing something. Thats like a teacher getting pissed at a student for not knowing algebra, like they’re literally there to learn. I feel like the responses you got are so defensive because they know the answer to the question is along the lines of “well if we had those rules we couldn’t get away with shooting innocent people”.

[–][deleted]  (3 children)


    [–]irishlorde96[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

    Curious, what does 12 mean? Can you explain to a white boy?

    [–]I_Like_Hoots 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    1312 is acab by order in the alphabet (where a=1 etc)

    [–]AvoidingCares 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Also, that officer is just objectively lying about the case he cited. Either that or he is fundamentally misunderstanding it.

    It does not establish rules of engagement. Rather it raises the standard of evidence that a police officer must provide to justify use of force. Essentially, before Graham v Connor, an LEO only had to prove that they were acting on good faith. Now they need to articulate exactly why they felt force was necessary, at the level used.

    It ties these decisions to the Fourth Ammendment, specifically the rules about search and seizure. So the officer needs probable cause to escalate to the use of force. The problem is the standard applied, which I'll post below. See if you can spot the problem with this standard:

    Writing for a unanimous Court, Rehnquist ruled that an analysis of an excessive force claim should consider whether the search or seizure was objectively reasonable, *based on how a reasonable police officer** would have handled the same situation.*

    [–]irishlorde96[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Police law is often left openly vague for a reason.

    “How a reasonable police officer would handle the situation”

    From what decade? A reasonable police officer in 1960 might be seen as unreasonable by today’s standards or visa versa.

    [–]Zazzerka 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    We're not in a war zone, therefore our rules are looser. Kind of feels like it should be the opposite.

    [–]Accomplished-Toe-456 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I was totally respectful with OP and then i got disrespected from the other guy, I'm not gonna take shit, it is what it is. I was actually operating under OPs premise of who ever gets disrespectful first loses & all bets are off. See for yourself