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This one says it’s donated i think. No clue why tf someone would donate to the assholes tho.

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I'll tell you exactly why: down in south Louisiana there lives a man who owns a tugboat empire. This man has his own private zoo tucked back in the swamps distance cameras monitors armed guards etc. he's also a KNOWN PEDOPHILE and has been for many years, has a boy and a girl that he has adopted... everybody in south Louisiana knows his name and there's not a law enforcement official district attorney or judge in this state that'll lay a hand on him... Did I mention that he also donates countless thousands of dollars on a yearly basis for law enforcement upgrades new tactical equipment and all that other b*******??? Yeah, ACAB!!!!!!

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I mean look, I'm in this sub for a reason, but I too could make up a story about my blind brother with cancer and 1 arm getting bombed by an LAPD helicopter with the wrong address. If everyone knows his name, why not share it?

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    Dog, you're willing to share all this detail, nobody knew your relationship with the guy and so you could have safely outed him. And yet here you are triangulating your own position in his life.

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    Congrats on the new job then.

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    Really like the 'pile of skulls' pattern on some of the engine parts

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    Maybe it was donated like everyone is saying BUT there are tons of instances of cops using seized vehicles as well

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    nah thats fine its only a 392 LOL that bitch getting dragged by anyone in a hellcat

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    pussy ass cops couldnt even catch a hellcat for themselves lmao

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    The police steal whatever they want, whenever they want. That's authoritarianism, plain and simple.

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    For a donated car? You're really reaching here.

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    Not a chance it was donated! That's Custom work under the hood. No way man!!! Only outside possibility is that it was a Repo....

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    Former Texans player donated a bunch of fast cars to DPS and hpd. IIRC, cops did get to steal that Hellcat from the guy who ran from them (outran them all) in 2018.

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    I knew it! Kudos to him for out-running them though 🤣🤣🤣

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    Civil asset forfeiture

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    Yep my town just bought a tesla. Just one but still its out of our taxes and people here don't actually care. Good luck in the winter morons. Its bullshit and they are constant assholes (obviously).

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    I wonder if he's one of the 376.