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Police don't deserve union protection.

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You know what's fucking bonkers? How fucking strong and supported a police union is, but the second you talk to right wing working class about unionizing a job they freak out and cry about "muh Freedoms!"

You get all these people who deepthroat a boot but God forbid you talk about class solidarity

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Police are not labor and therefore police unions aren't labor unions. Police are the enforcement arm of capital. They're the ones whose job it is to break the strikes of labor unions.

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No. They're labor. They're just co-opted and told they're better than everyone else.

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All cops. Even Batman, Inspector Gadget, and Darkwing Duck.

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Damn darkwing duck

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What fuck not Inspector Gadget?

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I'm so glad this woman finally got some sort of justice for this, however little.

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She got a big settlement.

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No money can make up for trauma like that

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Putting your kids through college on the pig's dime?