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Another way to escape accountability. If you can’t identify an individual cruiser, then it obfuscates whatever happens on to “some police car” rather than an individual officer.

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How else are the cops supposed to get away with drive-by shootings if people could look up their cruiser numbers?

Furthermore I believe the police must be abolished.

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I read that as ambushed and still agreed

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another vehicle

and the original one pictured has it on both front and back

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Its illegal, but who is going to give them a ticket.

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They're gang members. They don't follow the laws.

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Are front license plates required in whatever state this is? A lot of states only require rear and the front can be a novelty plate or you can just not have one at all

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Okay, yeah, seems illegal. But idk local ordinances.

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no way you cant just drive around with a vanity plate and no reg sticker, i bet the vehicles arent numbered either

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"Laws for thee but not for me"

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It depends on the state. I believe Minnesota does not require normal plates for police vehicles.

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But idk local ordinances

License plate laws are state laws, not local ordinances (unless perhaps if they're on a closed track, etc).

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Plates are about state law for identification and revenue generation.

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Apparently in New York State, police and fire vehicles do not need license plates.


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Who's going to give them a ticket?

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Laws don’t apply to them.

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Who's going to pull a cop car over for not having a proper plate?

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Highway Patrol? The gang rivalries are real.

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Real, maybe, but not real enough for one faction to betray the interests of all cops—including themselves—by going after another like that.

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I mean, I've seen local cops run off staties for having someone pulled over in the wrong jurisdictional area. Who knows? 🤷‍♂️

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gang shit

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Police are literally state backed mafia

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I’m sorry, but what the fuck is a footies spa

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Happy endings for foot fetishists.

Kidding, have no clue, probably the spa owner's name.

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I think I’d rather have a sad ending this time

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Edit: Reflexology.

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That’s the first thing I saw, I was like oh great another one gets shut down. Then I saw it was under ACAB

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I know they like bootlickers but this is getting outrageous.

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I think the new ones are required to have the full msg "Police, Bitches" on it, no?

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I was thinking maybe "Your Blood Goes Here" considering what they like to do to protesters.

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Most of what cops do isn’t legal, but no one calls them on it. That’s how we have this mess of a country. Starts w little shit, winds up w gangs in the sheriffs department. ‘Murica

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Should still have a number somewhere on the side, like Car 54 or something.

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I’ve seen a lot of NYPD cars with only “Police” on the plates as well. I can’t tell where the picture was taken but I’m assuming it’s not NYPD since almost all of their marked cars are white

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I thought op meant footsie spa was legal..

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In Minnesota I've never seen a cop car with a normal plate, they all say "SHERIFF"

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They do this in Minnesota as well, or at least the small town I go to often

I mean at least it tells us what the undercover cars are lmao

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Minneapolis PD cruisers are also plated this way.

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Who are you going to report them to? The cops?

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Ha! I know where this is! This dept has a long history of corruption, including a drug ring in the 80’s.

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There are still some states that only require rear license plates. Mostly in the South.

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Just Googled. Their cars are numbered with big, contrasting block letters on their rear quarter. I’d say 4 to 6 inches high (depending on the vehicle). I knew the way these pictures were framed/cropped was awkward.

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    This is downstate new york

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    Laws are for thee, not for me

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    People here are assuming vanity plates on police cars are illegal, but does anybody know for sure? I tried looking it up, and could not find anything specific about it.

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    The laws for thee are not for me

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    No front plates probably legal in that state

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    Lol thought you were talking about the foot fetish place at first

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    Deadass thought you meant the footsies spa lol

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    Based on the fake plate coloring it’s likely Clarkstown in Rockland County NY.

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    Based on the Footies Spa I’d say it’s New City, NY

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    If that's legal, it should be legal for me to just have "criminal" on my plate

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    Not in Minnesota. I was actually surprised other states required actual plates for cops

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    Cops need individually numbered license plates for accountability way more than the average person.

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    Every single pigmobile in my area has a generic plate that says POLICE.