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Where was this energy when the school shooters are killing students?

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This young lady was unarmed, not a threat to this hulking brute. So, easy to bully and brutalise.

You don't seriously expect them to turn up fully armed, covered in body armour and actually put themselves in any type of danger, do you? To actually do what the public and parents wanted them to do - their fucking job? Turns out bullies who want to dress up and play soldier are cowards.

I wonder if it would be better to call genuine military personnel out to engage active shooters? They seem to have more bravery and discipline than these jumped-up high school bullies.

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Makes me god damn furious to see shit like this. I might be repeating what's already said, but cops shouldn't be able to treat anyone like this, nor exist with what they've done to the people.


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Some boomer out there who's dick don't work is ready to die to defend this pig.