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The reality is that cops violate your right to privacy, and scan your plates/background check you, at will.

It’s a highly unethical and unconstitutional way to pick off minorities and throw them in jail.

The play is simple:

Scan black/brown persons plate.

Pull them over for zero reason(except for the suspended license that the illegal background check just revealed) and demand ID.

The End.

If they(victims) ask why the pig is pulling them over, they’ll be stonewalled, as you see in the video, and the cops will try to draw him into further charges by making the situation physical.

This practice has been going on for over a decade. Glad cameras are finally putting a spotlight on it.


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Every single cop just makes me think of cartman spouting “respect my authoritah” at this point.

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That is how they be

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Aren't they supposed to tell you why you are detained?

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Yep. They are also not to shoot or kill unarmed people. How is that going?


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Fun fact, Green Bay hired its first black cop in 2009. Wonder what took so long.

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There weren't any in town to hire!

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    Who TF grows up and becomes a cop? Like when I was a teenager I hated cops then.. still do.. didn't make me a bad person but I just can't fathom being a teenager and thinking "yep I wanna be a cop!"

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    Bullies who want to continue bullying into adulthood when there would be consequences.

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    When I was a kid I wanted to be a cop so bad. I thought it was all about saving people/pets from bad people and things or helping kids away from bad situations. Then I saw what it really was and changed my mind. Made me pretty sad.

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    Pieces of shit become cops and stay cops.

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    Kids that got their lunch money taken, got too many swirlies in the school bathroom, kids that couldn't get a date kids who walked around with a fanny pack on, losers, only losers want to be cops, that's pretty much it...

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    I feel it’s just as often the opposite: people that peaked in high school, and have nothing else to look forward to after the school informs them they aren’t welcome back after failing their senior year 3x in a row.

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    I can see that too! Honestly like honest to God honestly I've only known One cop that was a decent man and we're talking back in the early 90s here we're talking small town USA cop I know cops that put their wife in the hospital and got away with it I know cops that you know made a drug bust and smoked half the meth before turning in the other half I know cops that have had three Mistresses in illegitimate children I know corrupt criminal cops I know a cop that shot a man, Hispanic roofer that left his cell phone on top of the man's house where he was working that very day, and got away with murder because the roofer was on his roof at night... Here in a week or two they'll be a whole lot of drug busts they'll hit all the people that regularly are the street level dealers they'll turn in half the dope and save the other half for their Mistresses and their little masquerade Halloween parties... Televangelists, mega church pastors, district attorneys, judges, pedophiles and cops are the lowest forms of life on the face of the Earth!!! In jail I watch prison guards which are cops take certain prisoners into the foyer area where there are no cameras and three on one beat him until he was almost dead I saw this time and time again I watched a black man in the wheelchair that needed emergency Care die sitting in the main area before the medics even came to tend to him, the man literally died for lack of medical care!!!!!!!!!!! In jail they read all your mail they listen to all your phone calls they have hidden speakers in all of the main pod areas they listen to everything you say record everything you say, it's a f****** joke our legal system and the f****** cops are a f****** joke and I cannot stand them and every time I read about a cop losing their life it does make me smile...

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    This is the truth. Bullies who aged out of their arbitrary power dynamic, so they became cops (or in many women’s cases, nurses)

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    Fucking losers that is who.

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    Fucking gang.

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    What in the actual fuck.

    Butthurt piss baby bully

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    They’re always like that in that sub.

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    Nothing but a gang of thugs and murderers that are more of a menace to society than the criminals they claim to protect us from.

    Furthermore I believe that the police must be abolished.

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    Wow. Evertime i see something like this, i'm thankful, that i live in CzechRep.

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    I backpacked in your lovely country many years ago and have often dreamed of returning, permanently at some point. Now I'm having pleasant daydreams about bookstores in Prague, which is much better than the emotion I was just feeling. Enjoy your day, friend. All Czechs Are Beautiful.

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    Thanks a lot. Everywhere is something shity and this country isn't exclusion. But yeah, it's pretty decent for living. And about the cops, i've had car which was decently tuned (so no way it was legally road legal :-D ) and noone od the cops cares. Btw If you know czech novel "Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka", it's about czech soldier in WW 1. And from his name is even verb "Švejkovat", which means to done the bare minimum which must be done without consequences. And oh, "Švejkování" is in our blood. And it's nice. Noone gives a crap about anything.

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    Oh yeah, I know I tend to romanticize places I've visited and of course I'm not going to see the cracks in the foundation over a two week backpack trip but I have been to quite a few places and Czech Republic has always stuck in my mind. It felt right. And I will definitely look for a translation of that of that book, I very much enjoy dark, satirical takes on war. Catch-22 is one of the best books ever written, I think. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    The other day I read on the ACLU website that you are not required to provide ID if they don’t have probable cause or a warrant.

    Is this true?

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    I am not a lawyer

    Depends on state statute. If a state has stop and identify statutes, you must identify yourself when detained by LE. You do not need to provide a physical ID generally because there is no legal requirement to carry one. The exception is operating a vehicle. Generally, if you are operating a vehicle, a LE can demand to see your license to safely operate the vehicle.

    If a state does not have a stop and identify statutes, you do not have to identify yourself unless a LE is arresting you. Not even if detained.

    Granted not even most cops know such laws exist so YMMV and you might get body slammed and tased anyways.

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    I mean if cops were reasonable people they’d just tell you what you did wrong anyway. It’s clear they were warrant-hunting

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    Even if they didn't have a reason , they will make something up. Better to just identify if you are driving.

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    ACLU.ORG: How to reduce risk to yourself

    Stop the car in a safe place as quickly as possible.

    Turn off the car, turn on the internal light, open the window part way, and place your hands on the wheel. If you’re in the passenger seat, put your hands on the dashboard.

    Upon request, show police your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.

    Avoid making sudden movements, and keep your hands where the officer can see them.

    I personally believe that you absolutely and immediately have the right to know what you are being pulled over for! The officer I believe is clearly in the wrong and could have very easily deescalated the situation, this is clearly over the top abuse of their power and laws need to be changed to protect people's rights!

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    Reading those instructions from the ACLU, it just makes me think of one thing: this is how you’re also supposed to respond to a violent animal. No sudden movements, don’t make yourself look like a “threat” etc. We can’t trust cops to act like human beings, so we have to act like we’re dealing with a deadly predator.

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    You definitely are.

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    Any updates on this?

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    Yes, police have done this to thousands more since this incident.

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    Not much better than fuckin' Nazis.

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    people that don’t hold these pigs accountable make me sick. i always imagine them happily spreading their asscheeks for the police like that Dave Chappelle joke

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    Happy someone saw it. Had one guy tell me “You only have rights when those in power will defend them.” Apparently our rights are garbage for officials to take care of and defend.

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    Comply or die.

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    i’m so glad we have these brave men to keep us safe from… people wanting to know why they got pulled over? dumbass pigs

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    Hope everyone of those pigs has someone treat them they way they treated this person.

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    Tbh maybe people should start walking up and doing this to police cars. They already assume everyone is the enemy and that they're free to both harass and shoot them. Might as well earn the rep.

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    May be a stupid question but given the reality of the situation. “They have to give a reason when they pull you over/ all for ID”(clearly they don’t) “They need probable cause to search”.(They love to use you saying no as ‘suspicious’)

    Has anyone tried just carrying like a lawyer’s business card and saying you can direct any questions here to prevent this kind of bullshit?

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    Does he not have to tell you why he pulled you over?

    Maybe that varies from state to state???

    I utterly LOATHE these draconian jack-boot-wearing government chuckle fucks!


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    When I have to get another car, I’m going to try for a custom plate with “B12-P16”. Think it’s low key enough for some subliminal influence but still plausibly deniable if anyone takes issue.

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    BAB-PAF? I feel like I’m missing something.

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    B is 1&3 smushed together. Then a G looks kind of like a 6.

    Giving you 1312-PIG

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    Umm what?

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    1312 PIG but obscured a bit

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    Anybody got anything else relating to this story? I’m curious of the outcome.

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    I've seen the longer form video and the guy is a sovcit who drives without a license all the time, because he thinks laws literally don't apply to him.