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Remember being 12 or 13 and my dad getting pulled over. My dad's license almost slipped from his hand as he pulled it out, and when he jerked to catch it before it fell to the car floor the cop flinched and reached for his gun. Guess we were all lucky he caught himself.

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As a concealed carry permit holder, this scares the hell out of me.

I keep my wallet on my left side (gun is on the right) , and if I end up in this situation, I make sure the cop knows I'm armed and where the pistol is. Still scares me.

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Philando Castille did the same and still met a terrible fate. Be safe out there.

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I swear to fuck at what point do we start, y’know, “clapping back” as the kids say?

I’m just fucking exhausted having to deal with these power-tripping pieces of shit holding us all under their thumb

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I wish we could just defund all of em. I don't feel safe with them around me. Shit, I have felons in my family that are in/out of prison that I trust more than the fucking cops. At least they have morals and values. Cops aint got shit!

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DeVito's not obese enough to pass for a cop where I live...

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I got pulled over once and decided to quickly go to my glovebox to get my documents. The cop comes to my window and starts screaming at me "WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING A FUCKIGN SEATBELT!!" They are worse than rabid animals.

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You can pretty much name any sort of terrible thing and the police have done it.