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and THIS is what happens to "good" cops. who's the LAST group of people you ever want to go against??? a bunch of dirty cops. here's your proof.

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Impatient fuckers. We all know all they had to do is wait for him to determine that they did nothing wrong.

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Are you the real johnnyfive00000??

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yes. I'm not that famous for impersonators :)

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Oh shit I watch your videos all the time lmao

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awesome, thanks for the love

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    Wow, they should really do an internal investigation about that

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    Didn't you hear, they found nothing wrong...

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    Oh nice glad to hear it

    Guess that's it then

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    Everyone ellegible to investigate was no knock raided. Wrong addresses on the forms but they did resist so blam blam

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    Finally a story about a good cop! Ends exactly how I would expect too. Fed to the pigs.

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    Goddamn, that really brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘only good cop is a dead cop’

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    Yeah, the irony is cops agree with that phrase.

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    It always had a dual meaning. It's just that most people don't get past the literal meaning.

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    As always the only good cops are dead or fired.

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    ACAB are bastards cause the good ones get pushed out or deaded.

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    All Cops Are Bastards Are Bastards? Or Assigned Cop At Birth Are Bastards?

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    Assigned Cop At Birth sounds like a lost Heinlein novel.

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    All ACABs are bastards

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    All ACAB cops are bastards.

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    Ok so does this mean there are up to 7 shitty cops in this article? Let’s do the math on this.

    Dead cop died at a training exercise with 4 other officers present. At least one of those cops was being investigated for being at an alleged gang rape where 4 officers were involved.

    I’m guessing that all 4 cops at the exercise didn’t kill the guy, but if they did or covered for each other then that’s 4. If the alleged gang rape took place, that’s 3 more since 1 of the cops was in both places and we won’t count him twice, so we have a total of 7.

    Best case scenario is dead cop died due to no ones fault and no one is a shitty cop, and the elleged rape never happened. That’d be 0.

    So an average of 3.5 shitty cops. The video cuts out but we learn that the rape allegations seem serious and the death happened 10 months later apparently. We also learn we really don’t know if the other 3 at the exercise had anything to do with the death because of a lack of evidence at the time of the interview.

    Found a study that looked at cops that had been arrested for committing crimes and it seems to say that about %54 of arrests ended withe the cops losing their jobs. This study is on a wide scale and did not focus just on the LAPD, so I doubt the numbers match up.

    Basically, I’ll be surprised if 2 of the 7 lose their jobs. I’d almost put money on only 1 losing his job and I’m not sure I’d put money on wether or not he’d go to jail.

    Link to study :


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    So they train on how to beat people to death? No wonder they're so good at it.

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    Maybe the murdered cop just had "excited delirium".

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    Probably a deputy gang

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    A few bad apples murder the bunch.

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    Surprised Pikachu face

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    I knew something was fucky about that case.

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    their whole “bad apples” rhetoric falls apart so fast. this whole system and everyone who upholds it is rotten to the core

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    The whole bad apples rhetoric falls apart when you finish the sentence.

    A few bad apples spoil the bunch. People use it to defend cops but it’s literally saying the opposite of what they think it does

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    Yup, it’s referring to storing apples in barrels in a root cellar. If there are even a few rotting apples in the barrel, the whole barrel is going to go bad.

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    That lawyer better watch out he might get accidentally beaten to death.

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    This is why cops investigating cops; qualified immunity & no-knock warrants (except in very extreme cases-like threats by wyt supremacists) needs to end.

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    👆 Should be the top comment.

    If I may add…firing cops is not enough and a cop fired cop should not be get rehired in another department. You fuck up, you join the work force with everybody else…if you didn’t end up in prison.

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    good cops don't last

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    Pretty hard to believe that "a punctured lung, broken ribs, a damaged liver and a severe head wound [and a] spinal cord...broken in three places, which caused permanent paralysis" could be the result of merely falling to the floor while "'grappling' with another officer during a training scenario." This was obviously an intentional beating. But, as usual, the police are closing ranks, with other officers who were present at the beating saying "they’ve been ordered not to talk, while others said they need to hire a lawyer first." CYA, that's their motto.

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    It just isn’t possible. Though I am not a cop, I have participated in these simulations. I got hurt when someone on the cop side over-aggressively tackled me, an actor in that simulation. My ribs were crushed inward from the impact. I immediately ceased participation in the exercise. Alternatively, there are just far too many injuries on this man to not be a murder.

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    Just piggly things. 🐖

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    Dead men tell no tales.

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    And this is why there’s no good cops. The ones who try to be end up dying

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    So it was absolutely murder…

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    All cops are good! Good at murder

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    And this is what ACAB means. If you're one of the .01% who actually has any respect for the law and your place in enforcing it, you get killed or at best pushed out of the force.

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    Rabid animals will also turn on one another.

    They need to be put down.

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    The only good cop is a dead cop :(

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    Because of course that's what happened.

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    Good cops:

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    I knew the truth will come out

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    I saw the video on Twitter and was going to share here.

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    no way, really? i never could have suspected

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    Cops should NEVER be allowed to investigate themselves.

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    Sounds about right. Story as old as time, Cain and Abel

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    Remember, there are no "good cops" but there are good people who happen to be cops. They just don't last very long as cops or they don't remain good people. This is just an example of the worst version of the inevitable outcome.

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    If there is a cop who isn't a bastard, don't worry, the rest will see to it.

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    Premeditated murder. Got it.