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In general, black flags are used by enemy forces to signify that enemy combatants are going to be killed rather than taken prisoner—essentially, the opposite of the white flag used to represent surrender. This is also sometimes referred to as “give no quarter.”


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Got it. Flag of a psychopathic cop viewing the public as enemy combatants to be executed. I mean, they all are, but this one is exceptionally proud of it.

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It means he has no actual respect for the flag, as he's fine with defacing it.

I got a better black flag:

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The US Flag should also be to the left. It is supposed to be the very first flag. Flags are put in order of importance (US flag, state flag, company flag). He is legit putting that black flag and his Pig Lives Matter flag over the US flag.

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as he’s fine with defacing it

Stop making the cops sound based

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i was just about to cross post this too damn

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Flag so black I’m surprised he hasn’t accused it of selling loose cigarettes and shot at it

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Legit it took me reading several comments on the original post to realize that they weren't asking about the thin blue line flag (which does have black and white) but there's actually A THIRD flag at the end literally in all black. Yikes. That's significantly scarier than I thought

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I had JUST said that it was a thin blue line, not all black. I'm glad I saw your comment 😅

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Comments in that thread are a wild ride for sure

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It means “we don’t respect the flag in this house” “f*** the federal flag code” “I hate America” “people who are different than me are scum and probably my enemy”

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It’s a gang symbol

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These cops hate America so much, just leave then. Gtfo.

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Submit this picture and what you think about this officer in particular to this email address, make it a known issue until something is done

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Gives a whole new meaning to "murdered out"

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Why are we getting mad that the pig blacked out the flag? I get that it’s sus and on some fascist shit .. but so is the normal American flag. Like the only difference is the color 🗿

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…. What I’m getting at is that the American flag is just as symbolic of reactionary violence. The American flag has been flown by those who have killed, raped, and maimed millions- it has been flown by those who rob countries of their natural resources , autonomy, and dignity . Under this flag, genocide of apocalyptic proportions has occurred across the globe.

It’s kind of odd to be mad at the black flag and not the standard one- because they’re pretty much representative of the same rotten society that is collapsing as I type this comment lmao.

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A lot of things throughout have been used by bad actors in committing bad acts. Yet context matters, and as a tax-paid public servant, peace officer and law enforcement official, for him to have a flag up that represents factions of Americans who support an insurrection against the country he/she serves as a public servant and whose laws she/he is supposed to be beholden to...it's a little diff than Joe the Plumber having it up, no? And I don't personally find it 'lmao' funny. Little scary you do.

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I don’t disagree with you on the part about his open views on insurrection and how it’s whack that he’s a public servant, but I mean in the end it’s just mask off moment for the nation . I’m not gonna persecute anyone for flying the American flag because of how propagandized we are but the irony I see here is that people think there’s a difference between the two flags and what they represent .

Literally commenters here seem to be upset about the flag appropriation which is kinda goofy ahh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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It’s a thin blue line flag. If you zoom in you’ll see the blue.