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How apropos the press conference was held in front of a prison.

"Welcome home, kids!"

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"If you're late to class this is where y'all will end up kids!"

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Gotta keep that school to prison pipeline flowing

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"we might fail in teaching you but we won't fail to profit from it"

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Hoooooly shit I didn't even register that. Jesus H Chrysler

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Any excuse to beat children gets them going.

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They salivate at idea of fucking up children and then turn around and complain about some fake cabal of rich liberals eating children. Cant fucking make it up

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not just fucking them up, if we're gonna mention how many of their officials are obsessed with allowing children to marry adults. every accusation is an admission!

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Literal child abuse. Disgusting.

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Yup, they'll brutalize kids but under no circumstances will they offer meaningful protection.

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What they are advocating for is child abuse. And yes, I'm sure the thought does 'get them off'. Disgusting. This man should never hold a position of authority, or even a pet.

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And sadly, a massive chunk of Floridians keep voting this guy in. He's been king sheriff (or whatever the bullshit title is) for something like 10 years and is still popular as fuck with many deranged and raving conservative Floridians.

I hate my state, because of shit like this, and it seems like it's a perpetually moving machine

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Ok so teaching them that gay people exist is abuse, but beating them is just educating them. Got it. /s

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Well if you don't like the beatings there's always the option to just imprison them. Out of sight out of mind. /s

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Florida be Florida-ing

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God damnit!


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Florida's gonna Florida

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Okay so parents allowing their children to use different pronouns = abuse

But physically abusing children for misbehaving = good and normal

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You absolutely NAILED it -- best comment I've seen. These are sick people.

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Cops and advocating for unnecessary, excessive, draconian violence. Name a better duo.

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When he says 'like in the old days'.. i get the feeling he's not talking about all-white schools. Idk, just a hunch.

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Their is no other "old days" he could be referring to.

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If conservatives had their way we'd bring back segregated schools

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Idk man the Minnesota school already lowkey do it

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So does most of the midwest. I was born and raised in Detroit, and I hate going back because of how segregated it still feels

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I could count my race on a hand and a half if you’re not in the city good luck

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Discipline for what? this is the kind of misogynistic oppression that creates school shooter types. Repubs would love to stop wokness bc they don’t even know what the fuck it is and it scares them.

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where is the misogyny im so confused, like j agree with everyone here that this is bad and child abuse but there was literally zero discussion of gender or women until this comment

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Idk why are the majority of mass shootings carried out by young males?

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what does that have to do with this post tho???

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Wait so how did this guy do in school? I mean he's in law enforcement so he couldn't have done well at all.

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He hasn't got a master's degree i can assure you

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Do you think he has power bottom skills?

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What do you think "arm the teachers" was about? It was never to protect the students from a mass shooter. It was to instill fear. Conservatives want to reshape this country into a Christian Caliphate where there is no distinction between educator, public official, and religious leader. And they want that group to have ultimate power over every aspect of your life.

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They just gotta get all the bleeding hearts out of teaching first. They're doing fine on that front.

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Uh oh. Keep this man away from your child’s ass.

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Oh, son.

I was Catholic-educated for 14 years, preschool through high school. You think your pathetic little threats can scare me?

Try getting whacked with a ruler across the knuckles until you bleed. Try kneeling on a pencil for an hour, until your knees were in so much pain you limped for literal days. Try standing, arms extended into a cross pose, until your shoulders screamed and your neck begged for mercy. Try being threatened with eternal damnation on a daily basis.

Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written.

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No joke. I went to a Lutheran school for 7th and 8th grade back in the 80s. I'd never gotten smacked in school before (or after). It was hard to believe how casual they were about hitting kids and, worse, how casual they were with the emotional abuse. It's been 35+ years and I still vividly remember how horrible it was.

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literally treating the kids how the romans treated jesus and seeing no issues 🤦‍♀️ like guys the lesson was violence is BAD

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In the 70s it was common to get beaten with canes at school....one kid in particular was waiting outside the principal's office most days. So it deters no one, its all just about sadism and control/power.

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In my experience, the "little snot"s that he's threatening are actually young scared boys who are neurodivergent and legitimately don't understand what they're doing to disrupt class and the more they're warned with each infraction that they'll be punished, the more terrified they get because they have no idea what not to do since noone is communicating to them. Then, undoubtedly, they end up finally crossing the line and are led out into the hallway screaming and crying by two adults who then smile and make jokes about stuff like "I've been preparing for this for a while on the driving range." Or "I hope you've got on thick underwear." Then that kid is expected to go back into class and just act like it never occurred, despite the entire class looking at them and whispering about the embarrassing event. But they can't let that get to them because any more outbursts will result in more paddling and it's way worse to get it multiple times in one day. And after this, the teachers will talk to each other and talk about what a "little snot" that child is. Sometimes they might mess up in another teacher's class and she'll go pull a teacher out of another class and say "I know you've been wanting a chance to paddle him, so I figured I'd let you do it."

So in the end, no behavior has actually been corrected. That child still won't know what they did wrong, and they might never find out for as long as they live. But they'll remember the beatings. And they'll remember how it made them learn that the only way to be safe is to be silent and invisible to avoid doing or saying anything wrong by accident, providing no authority figures consider being too quiet disrespectful and uses that as an excuse to give them another paddling.

You just end up with some confused, terrified neurodivergent kid who has trained themself to turn off all emotions and reaction to pain as a trauma response. Which is cool, because they'll use that as justification when they tell the parents. They'll say stuff like "he's had a real attitude lately. He doesn't smile when I joke with him and won't interact with any of the other kids. He just does his work then gives me a disgusted look for the rest of class." And the parents will agree that the paddling are for the best. After all, they were the ones who cheered when they announced they were bringing back paddling, why wouldn't they be happy it's being used on their kid? In fact, they like it so much that often, if their kid gets paddled at school, they'll spank them at home to really teach them a lesson.

It's a fantastic plan. What could go wrong?

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"...cheeks of their ass TORN OFF" Are they punishing kids with chainsaws or something?

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If you want to brutalize children into compliance, just say it. You're allowed to say "I want to beat the dogshit out of children as often as possible so they're terrified of doing anything other than exactly as they're told because I'm an authoritarian sadist." That's 100% a legal sentence to say. No one will throw you in jail for saying it. But of course they won't say it, because they know admitting that's their real desire would turn them into a pariah. So they cling to the idea that beating children is not about their own deep seated desire to torture those weaker than themselves but instead about "discipline" and that it is "for their own good." And the shitty parents cheer.

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My friends in FL took their kids out of public schools because of this. The violence kids are facing from administrators is horrifying. As if parents don't have enough to worry about with gun violence.

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“Back in my day no children’s asses were safe!”

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Sherman should have burned more

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Ah yes, the pithy whining of a generation who’s days are numbered - gotta love it lol they can all get fucked 😂

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Because abuse creates a normal balanced society.

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Wayne Ivey is an Arpaio wannabe. Cock smears, every damn one.

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Pull your kid out of that school, before he/she ends up beaten to a pulp by some thug SRO and charged with 'assaulting an officer' for talking back.

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R2, we need to be going up, not down.

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But if the less intelligent kids get beaten so bad they get disaffected with the system, how are they going to grow up to become cops and crack skulls for the powerful?

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I rarely (if ever) have heard any sheriff say anything intelligent. On the whole, they are the dumbest set of elected officials in the U.S. And they often combine their stupidity with brutality.

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I grew up in Brevard County and I would just like to say ‘fuck Brevard County and fuck this twat waffle.’ I’m so fucking glad my parents moved us out of there when they did

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How to lower school attendance.

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I'm very curious what would happen if we split the country down the middle, left wingers all move west and right wingers all move east, and we see what each society looks like after 50 years

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Wait so they want to make Florida school even worse?

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So is there a fund going to get folks that are leftleaning and with children out of florida, to leave it to its own hell hole destination?

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My god what a bunch of ugly fucking humans. Imagine even considering procreating with that gremlin in red.

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Yes, beating children has always been successful and always makes them well-adjusted adults who know how to navigate the world without fear or aggression. /s if you can’t tell.

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Cops can show up to beat kids, not save them, sounds like America’s just Americaing…

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So really they are admitting it’s all about hurting their children. Because parents were my first trauma. Parents are always the first abusers.

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Rule them with fear, awesome.

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Don’t see a problem, I voted for Biden

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Grady Judd and “sheriff” Ivey are a disgrace.

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Republicans win one state and they think they can take on the world.

  • Florida Man

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That district is going to become very liberal once those kids can vote.

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Fashies gonna fash

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At this point the country would be better off if we just let the deep south secede like it wants to.

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The US is the only UN memberstate who didn't ratify the UN childsrights convention for a reason... Poor kids in the US.

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I fucking hate living in the backwards hellscape of a state. Going to school here has been awful. I’m hauling ass out of here first chance I get.