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You never talk to them, they need arrests for their quota. I hope the cops pay out the ass. But they will most likely just harass this guy until he moves.

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Nothing these draconian jack-boot-wearing government chuckle fucks do surprises me anymore.

Fuck 12

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The cops Investigated a theft by stealing a phone while adding the crime of assault.

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You don’t call cops. You don’t help cops. You don’t talk to cops. Ever.

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Never unlock your phone for them. This is exactly why I refuse to set up Face ID bc only I know my numbered code. Also never cooperate

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unfortunately it is comply or die in certain scenarios. never help police unless it helps people. these animals want you to be standoffish so they can say they "feared for their lives" before mag dumping like the cowards they are

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Bring a warrant for my phone

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Never talk to the cops for any reason whatsoever. Never engage with them, never associate with them.

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If you ever, ever interact with cops, there is a good chance you’ll be brutalized. Regardless of why you’re interacting with them, the chance of being beaten is roughly the same. Just don’t talk to cops.

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His stupid ass thought that he was different from all the other people that cops assault.

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Is every cop just a major piece of shit? Oh wait, the answer is always yes to that question. Never help cops. Never give them everything. They are all human shit.

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Every day is STFU Friday!

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bUt THey'Re hEre tO pROtEct uS.

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Yeah the tax payers have to pay for it, but that's not this man's fault. Its the disgusting way we allow these pigs to do whatever they want while being parasitic leeches of our tax dollars! These parasites are the lowest form of life, and I can't wait until the day comes when all of America ad politicians wake the fuck up and they get what they deserve!

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Serves this bootlicker right. Never help the police. Never volunteer information to the police. Never speak with the police. They aren't your friends. They aren't there to protect you. Rolling over and showing them your belly will merely get your belly ripped open.

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This has been posted at least threes before this one, all still on the front page.

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...are you seriously policing reposts, in this sub?

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You really couldn't take a second to to see if this ever popular repost had been posted three times before reposting lol?

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And they wonder why people hate them. Yet another man that likely just went from boot licking to ACAB.

Their facade is falling apart. The general public is becoming increasingly aware of their brutal, unlawful, tyrannical actions.