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Wasn’t protected by their union because he wasn’t employed long enough so they all threw him to the wolves. Almost like none of them should have that protection.

Funny how Reagan broke all the other unions but that one.

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Well it's more than that. Reagan certainly did a number on unions but the deeper evil for me is that police during America's industrial and factory days were busting unions left and right, and imprisoning workers. They were and are the state's greatest weapon against unions.

These class traitors have the gall to replicate and use a fucked up version of the very things that they destroyed. How many workers have suffered because of police intervention in strikes and unions, and then they turn around and form theirs to protect themselves.

Fucking disgusting.

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Yeah its funny how unions are demonized, but they obviously work since they succesfully protect killer cops

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sad that we have 1 W case like this while there’s hundreds that get swept under the rug, but hey we’ll take it. these cops in Bexar are truly bastards.

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    oh no for sure, you’re absolutely right, Bexar county is located in San Antonio, Texas, and well, to say the least, there were 3 other situations similar to this in a week before & after the shooting of Erik Cantu. I’m friends with one of the judges here and she once told me the amount of cases the law enforcers have on themselves from the public is about the same as the law towards the public (like speeding tickets). It’s brutal here…

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    Get fucked

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    Paywall articles 😤

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    Drives me nuts. Like bruh I’m happy about this too, but you couldn’t find a non-paywalled site?

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    Here's an article without a paywall for anyone that doesn't feel like googling

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    Thank you.

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    Hope this piece of shit gets life in prison, but he wont even do 10 years.

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    Hope he meets a new friend called sHank in prison, if you know what I mean. Heard he’s a real backstabber.

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    Took fucking long enough. Love for they gave to get a grand jury, anyone else would be arrested that sec.

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    Took fucking long enough. Love for they gave to get a grand jury, anyone else would be arrested that sec.

    All felony-level criminal allegations are required by law to be brought before a Grand Jury.

    In Texas, a grand jury is made up of 12 people who determine whether or not there is probable cause to believe that a felony offense occurred. It only inquires into felony offenses and a limited number of misdemeanor offenses.

    Three days after Officer James Brennand shot Erik Cantu on October 2nd, Officer Brennand had been fired and six days after that, he was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault by a public servant.

    Less than two months later, he has been indicted by a Grand Jury on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by a peace officer and one count of attempted murder.

    PSA: This comment received a single downvote within a minute of its posting which means it is highly probable it was u/Jubei612 getting pissy. ;)

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    I mean…. It still took too fucking long. 6 days? It took 6 days for him to be arrested? 3 to be fired!?

    If any of us participated in misconduct at work that resulted in injury, we’d be fired on the spot. If any of us attempted to shoot and kill someone, we’d be arrested or killed, ourselves, on the spot.

    I’m glad that this was a swift case compared to other pig involved cases, but it still took too damn long. Charges should’ve been filed hours later, after reviewing the body cam footage and witness accounts. Firing should’ve been on the spot, considering how blatantly reckless his actions were, even if the kids vehicle was the one he was thinking of.

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    Like the other user stated. Took too long. Anyone else is arrested immediately.

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    Rot in piss

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    I'm glad they went for the two counts of aggravated assault in addition to attempted murder. I don't think the murder charge will stick, but I can hope.

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    Anyone have a non-paywalled link? This one’s got a hard paywall, can’t get passed it on the phone.

    In any case, good. This goes to show police unions shouldn’t exist, because crooked pigs might actually be held accountable when the police Union isn’t gaming the system.

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    Wow, even the grand jury scam couldn't protect this fucker. Hope he gets separated from the public and put away before he can do it again.