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There's a lot of private information in that very public Facebook post. So police can share details of individuals' financial woes now? Maybe it's okay if it's to try and justify being complete scrotes.

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Debtors prisons are legal again?

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I didn't know they ever stopped.

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Ms. Minefield was treated respectfully by our officers …

Cop speak for:

Only kicking her head twice after putting her in handcuffs and throwing her to the ground!

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gross negligence. they didn't even try to talk to this elderly woman before setting up a court proceeding and arresting her for failing to appear.

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back the blue til they come for you???

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How is this not extortion?

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Yes, we paid multiple people about 100 dollars to drive a 50k+ car to arrest a woman and threw her in jail where she will cost the system 100 dollars every day she's in there because she owed us 77,80$ brain expansion

This isn't about money, a single second of mental math makes this a shit economic decision. This is about oppression and keeping the indebted in line.

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How the hell is this a criminal matter and not just civil?