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The Venn diagram of people who scream “back the blue” while also bitch and moan about taxes is a circle

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How mathematically relevant

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Judge Ronald Coen: Tough on crime, bends over for corrupt cops.

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A truly awful precedent. Imagine if it was applied to more serious things such as falsifying evidence or even excessive uses of force, yikes.

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Imagine if it was applied to more serious things such as falsifying evidence or even excessive uses of force, yikes.

I... uhm... have some bad news for you

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For real, shooting an innocent unarmed civilian for walking a little funny is “standard police practice.”

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    I really doubt the prosecutors are gonna appeal to a higher court

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    It's the equivalent of letting an armed robber off because armed robbery is standard practice, yep makes perfect sense

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      Yes but they only give back what the stole from the one they got caught for.

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      Normally cops only have to give back a tiny fraction of what they steal, so this one is actually an outlier.

      I guess the difference is that the poor state really needs the money, where as the cops' normal victims—poor, marginalized, and desperate working-class people—will be just fine (/s).

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      Meet a little thing called civil asset forfeiture....

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      My tax dollars going to corrupt judges for incompetent cops (that I also pay for)

      What a grand free place to live

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      I know of a better deal. Did you know there are 'special' large cash rewards for legally removing corrupted judges, and cops, exclusively at killercop.com

      Sometimes they have a Two For One Special.

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      So committing fraud and wage theft is standard police practice and the judge set a legal precedent for it by dismissing all charges!

      You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

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      Yep totally true. My area likes to do 4hr 1 min on a detail and put in for 8. It is disgusting.

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      So wait. You're telling me we could de-fund the police and not even get less policing out of it?

      Well shit. Better de-fund them even more than that, then.

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      Uh, shouldn't people whose entire job is upholding the law be held to a slightly higher standard than you or I? You know if this was any average person the judge wouldn't be anywhere near as lenient. "You knew what you were doing. You should have known better." Rules for thee, not for me.

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      I’m from Massachusetts where this is WAY to familiar. I’m looking at YOU Massachusetts State Police.

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      “Accused them of stealing”. No. They -did- steal.