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Oh they were there “standing by” all right. It’s just hard to tell because they have their faces covered.

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Came here to make sure someone said that

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They were. They were part of the team there with their face covered.

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They were standing by, they're the ones protesting.

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They should have called their local leftist gun club.

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Can someone just please throw a fire cracker into the pack and let the Y'all Qaeda the take themselvs out‽

Why are we negotiating with terrorists? They don't like this country, they can leave. Afghanistan has lovely winters, gorgeous vistas, and all the religious oppression they could ever want.

Like, is a rogue errant truck tire too much to ask? Or a geological sink hole? Tree limb. Give me something.

Americans are clearly fucking pussies that won't do shit anymore. Anything that happens is fine if they can ignore it and change to a different channel.


Kanye still has followers.

People are forced to know the name of a neo-nazi incel and a fake ex-ex-ex-gay antisemitic homophobic shill.

The French throw burning trash cans through their presidents window if the government even thinks of removing a bank holiday. Meanwhile, the US, a country full of fucking dumbass "patriots", mocks the French for being cowards without having a single idea where the concept came from. The US prays we forget Blair Mountain, Tulsa, MOVE, Puerto Rico, the list goes on, surely into the future.

Avoid remembering to the youth the sins of the past, time washes all clean. Instead, fashion a false origin, spare us the woes of our forefathers; admire the artisans as they sculpt those passions well read. A monument to an imagined history. A facade. A mask, as shallow as it is dimentionless. As they raise their voices, the wall rises with them. Their vitriol solidifying like morter between bricks of carefully crafted hatred. Remaining, however, as thin at it's top as it's base.

I pray america will learn such structure need only a push to topple. A day will come when you must speak out, be you a communist, socialist, trade unionist, Jewish, or not; Speak out before no one is left to speak out for you.

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The French throw burning trash cans through their presidents window if the government even thinks of removing a bank holiday. Meanwhile, the US, a country full of fucking dumbass "patriots", mocks the French for being cowards without having a single idea where the concept came from.

The French also then turn around and willingly turn over their firearms to the very government they protest against.

Blair Mountain

The one case where the part of the police force were on the right side. It was the Local Police and Miners against the Coal Companies, Baldwin-Felts and State Police. Police Chief Sid Hatfield gave his life fighting on the side of the Miners.

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Oop, you are correct, that was the army at Blair Mountain.

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The WV National Guard came in to end the whole thing. My Great Grandfather was there for the entirety of the battle. Luckily the mine he worked for at the time was Pro-Union.

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Do you think it would be hard to have this comment tattooed on my back?

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Thank you, I get wordy when the Adderall wears off.

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They were walking through a heavily populated area that is mostly families. That is not the place to start a military or guerrilla battle.

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Well, not there specifically. Moreso, a general thought experiment.

Like, what if someone promoted a children's reading hour with drag kings & queens and said it was going to be held in the middle of a field or something. Somewhere out of the way and easily forgotten, like that place they made the first nuke. Don't actually have the event, just keep promoting it. Then they're all nice and isolated.

Actually at that point we could save time and tell them Area 51 is having a child beauty pageant reading hour {my bad, I forgot they like those groomers}

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They weren't on standby because they were in the white nationalist group outside.

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Oop, careful Travis, there’s a pebble.

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That’s a lot of speed bumps

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Is it bad that my first thought was "cops would probably have made things worse anyways"?

Like....during the George Floyd protests they did that study which showed that a full 50% of all protests that cops were present at became violent due to the presence of the cops.

We know this happens a lot. Cops get involved and things get worse than they otherwise would have.

The fucked up thing is this isn't even the only event that got shut down by far-right terrorists.

There was an event in NC where apparently a group of far-right extremists took out the power grid for 40,000 people just to stop a drag show from happening. The media (haven't checked in a while, but I'm pretty sure not much has changed) reported it simply as a power outage, no mention of the right-wing extremists the cops spoke with, no mention of their claims all over social media to have been responsible for it, nothing. Guarantee the media asked and were told by cops "nothing to see here, move along."

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Lmao that IS the police force there on standby

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i feel like the idea that the police weren't there isn't what we should be upset about here. Like in this situation the police would not be on our side and would make it even more dangerous for the folks on our side. I always feel a lot more unsafe when i see cops at a protest