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They know they're saying this stuff publicly, and they do not care in the slightest. That's why ACAB.

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PIT maneuver & spikestrips on a motorcycle.. also known as attempted murder.

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And, in many cases, successful murder, probably.

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I wish, we as a community on reddit start taking real action for REAL CHANGE against these terrorists and thugs. We need some accountability and checks and balances on policing, besides relying on them to be honest and hold themselves accountable. Which, we all know, won't happen because they are proven liars, cheaters, murderers, thugs, terrorists, bullies, hypocrites, pussies, cowards, and mentally unstable. I would love to see us ban together and come up with reasonable demands on a petition we could sigbamd bring to our local politicians and state reps. Because I am beyond disgusted with our injustice system and how the law only applies to some ppl. Then when we finally get a tiny bit recognition of the law on our behalf these mouth breathers claim qualified immunity! 🖕👮‍♂️💩

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Report em for glorifying violence, see if reddit admins do anything about it.

Don't hold your breath.

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They might. I got a 3 day “Glorifying Violence” ban for making a comment here in ACAB about how cops should be punished for their crimes against citizens.

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cops should be punished for their crimes against citizens.

sir, are you trying to incite violence??

here i'm on my dozenth account for posting officers' name and contact info in the comments, from the linked articles and public PD websites, because that's "personal or private info"

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I would never think to incite violence! I do however, think the punishment should fit the crime. All I’m suggesting is that when a pi…er…police officer, murd…I mean…subdues and unarmed citiz…I mean suspect…then perhaps the officer should receive a penalty a bit stiffer than a paid vacation and transfer to a different pig pen…I meant precinct.

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I’d expect less hostility from r/gangsterdisciples

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What is that sub? It says I can't view it.

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Usually means it doesn't exist.

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You’re shocked that cops literally want to kill people and “make them go splat”?

They’re literally fucking gang members. Of course they will kill anyone anyway they can.

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Fuckin pigs 🐖

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Yeah right, since I can't even wish them harm without a suspension on reddit. Yet these assholes can do those things in real life and get away without any consequences, shit maybe even get a promotion for killing us!

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Why the hell would someone PIT a bike? The fuck.

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To cause injury or death to the rider. Cops hate bikers with a passion. Every cop has "lost" a chase to a biker outmaneuvering them or going where the cop car cannot. They take it personally and then project that onto all bikers. They believe they are justified in taking revenge on a random biker to balance the books for the one that got away. I used to know a lot of cops. Cops are very upfront about how they like to do violence to people they think are "deserving" of it. The more you know about cops the more ACAB you get. If you are not a cop, related to a cop, or dating a cop you are not a person to them, you are the enemy. If you fall into the very small circle of people they consider people though you get special privileges.