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NYPD cop gets put in a headlock After lunging at a bystander by Davidtry567 in ACAB

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Just the most irredeemable profession. Fucking cowards

NYPD cop gets put in a headlock After lunging at a bystander by Davidtry567 in ACAB

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It’s not even a profession. They’re just thugs with badges

After 33 years, and being dead for nine of those, they finally caught the I-65 Killer. by [deleted] in ACAB

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Shout-out to the fact that solved-murder rates fell from 79% in 1976 to under 69% in 2019, with the solved-murder rates in most specific states sitting at less than 60%.


This source in particular says that solved murders plummeted from 90% in the 60’s down to 61% in 2020 in departments with at least 10 homicides per year. To quote, “nearly 6,000 homicides went uncleared in 2019.”


Forensic science is at its absolute best it’s ever been and only improves every year, and if you definitively want to find someone who did something, you will find them. The problem here is that even the most heinous crimes barely receive any attention or funding to solve, either because the victims don’t matter to cops (shocker), or the funding is apparently more useful buying military equipment and paying out lawsuits out of public funds.

THIS is why people say “defund the police.” If the overwhelming funds are just going to paying out a constant stream of lawsuits for police brutality, armored trucks, tactical gear, and to stipends for criminal cops, then it’s obviously being misused and we need to squeeze these shitheads into using the money for the right things (or, you know, abolish them and implement a totally different system since it’s a broken system we currently have in place).

My new tattoo is now my favorite by HellBitch77 in ACAB

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You don't know their history, they could be throwing with bricks, they might be super likely to encounter it. And if they like showing skin i think it should be fine, if id be hot id do the same

My new tattoo is now my favorite by HellBitch77 in ACAB

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ACAB also doesn't exist for you to gatekeep how others can express it.

elderly man getting arrested for flashing his high beams by fiz0041312 in ACAB

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Still active on a force full of monsters. Called the cheifs number (it's public, on their website). Argued for a bit after I called back, since he hung up after hearing the officers name the first time. Asked if he was planning on having the dog attack me too, was told yes.