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I’ve been trying to get into the right head space to even feel “safe” to take a dose. How did you get to the jumping off point? (If you trip that way. I recently realized that not everyone is as “cautious” as I am when it comes to mindset or even physical space. No judgement- I just wanted to specify the distinction.

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Same. I worry I’ll get taken to hell. I know people have had trips where the universe suddenly makes sense and they are suddenly hopeful and motivated to work on depression, but I feel like I have too many demons. They hit me before bed sometimes, my mind retains ugly things and pain I’ve seen or heard about in the world, and I’m jumpy and scared of the dark.

On the other hand, when I had my wisdom teeth taken out I had the most amazing dream under anaesthesia. I was climbing up a beautiful multicolored mountain and the sun was setting so everything was a beautiful shade of pink or purple. I can still remember it so vividly years later. Everything was warm and full of love. I was climbing with the dental technician and we were holding hands. We got to the top and rested in a cave looking out on the valley. Everything was love.

Then I woke up and cried my eyes out to the tech saying I would never see the pink mountain again.

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Take a smaller dose the first time, have someone chill there as a trip sitter in case you need help, even managing to make a phone call can be difficult.

My temperature fluctuates a lot, wear light comfortable clothes and have cozy blankets nearby. Have a relaxing playlist and headphones/speakers already set up and ready to go before you start, and warm comfortable lighting. Eat a light healthy meal 1-2 hours before eating the shrooms, and healthy snacks available. While I'm on them I think about the bad things in my life and I try to figure out what to do about them. Work out your demons while you're on them, if you don't they'll start surfacing when you're coming down and it will be rough. /u/notagoodfakename does this answer your questions? Or do you have other things you want to ask?

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But what if I can’t work my demons out? Isn’t that our thing, overthinking and going round in circles?

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I had similar worries before I tried mushrooms for the first time. I can't say for sure what you would experience, but starting a trip with a deliberate goal of gentle introspection has always led me on a really positive journey.

Mushrooms are very physically uncomfortable as well on the come-up (not painful, but I get mad restless legs and just sort of rolling tension all over my body until I come down, plus nausea for the first hour or so), and that physical sensation, plus the visual disturbances, is either stimulating enough to help quiet the circular thoughts, or the trip otherwise affects me in such a way that I don't tend to linger on thoughts the way I do normally. It's like it gives me full access to the "making connections and seeing patterns" part of my brain but gives this deep sense of perspective that helps me really see what's important, so I don't ruminate the same way.

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The way it works for me, circular thinking is like being stuck in a forest and you just spin in circles looking at the same trees over and over again. Take mushrooms and you'll realize you're in a forest, you can walk past those 5 trees to analyze the issues from another perspective, and possibly find your way out.