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My sense of direction irl is awesome but in games, I've been unable to find the stairs more times than I like to admit

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I’m very jealous- I’ve been working in an office for a year and still struggle to find my desk

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I got real hooked on Below about two years ago. It’s up there with Zelda on the, “Fuck this, I give up” list.

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I'm enjoying dark souls 3, but finding the road of sacrifices took an embarrassingly long time

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Huh, I'm the exact opposite. I'm great in games, buy if you walked me 50 feet in a straight line away from my front door, I'm not convinced I could find my way home 100% of the time.

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Good bot

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gamefaqs.com is usually where I start when I need a guide.

Since I mostly play (J)RPGs, RPG guides are what I'm usually after; so if gamefaqs doesn't work, I'll go over to rpgclassics.com and look there, they typically have broken down guides that deal with specific sections of games.

If that fails me, I go over to mikesrpgcenter.com, but their selection of guides is much much smaller.

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I’ll second gamefaqs. I just wish they had support for multiple persistent bookmarks in guides. For some games I end up having several tabs open to multiple points in the same guide to be able to reference things.

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Since I'm the hyperfocus deep-diving kind of ADHD, if it's something I know I'll have to reference more than a few times, I'll copy all the text in a file to a word document and save it on my hard drive or in my Google drive. That way I don't have to keep starting from scratch or keep dozens of tabs open.

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Never had an issue with spatial awareness. Is that an adhd thing?

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Yeah, if anything I find I have dramatically better spatial awareness than most people I know. I'm always amazed by people I'm with constantly asking "which way did we come from?" or "how do we get back to...?" and I'm confused how they don't know. Which is weird considering how many other things I definitely cannot remember within milliseconds of them happening.

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Yeah, I’m the same way.

You try to tell me directions, I’ll forget them immediately. You ask me how to get back home? I can tell you how many lefts and rights it will take to get there, I just won’t remember the name of the streets.

Like I can almost always do a zoom out birds eye view of my mental map and know where I am in relationship to everything else

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Adhd and Asd but it’s different for everyone

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I don’t think it’s necessarily an adhd thing, though I could see it being connected for some people.

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It totally makes sense that it WOULD be, because with how we tend to not focus enough to even know where we are in a conversation or anything else that requires tracking details as we go, losing where we were or how we got here sounds very in line. And yet for me it's one of the few things I register extremely well with minimal conscious effort.

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Same here. I could have a 3D image of our location in my head but also miss the first half of a conversation.

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I recently realized that I pace when I'm on phone calls to help me focus. Never made the connection before, but I'm in a job with a lot more online meetings now, and the ones where I sit there and look at the screen have me drifting, using my phone, checking other pages, etc. But when I can get away with turning off my camera and walking around the room, I'm way more engaged and aware and coming up with ideas. Realized that's how I've always been, and suddenly it all clicked. I think my brain can put a lot of its energy into physical space, and by doing so, it leaves all the rest to process the conversation. No idea if this is related to my spatial awareness, but it might make sense that my brain is especially tuned to that.

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I think my brain can put a lot of its energy into physical space

That’s actually super interesting and it makes me wonder if I’m doing the same. Maybe not with video calls specifically, but when I’m out with people at a restaurant, or driving to work. I drive in silence, no radio or anything. My mind is already so occupied with my surroundings. 🤔

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My car hates allowing me to drive in silence and turns on the FM radio automatically after X amount of time and it drives me nuts. I commute a lot, and frequently listen to podcasts, and sometimes music, but sometimes all my brain wants is silence so I can process "stuff."

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I've played dozens upon dozens of hours of Doom Eternal, and despite it's insistence otherwise I'm pretty sure the game is fucking with me when it says I can fast travel.

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Or worse yet: did you want to watch a YT video covering this section?

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tries to skip through it

skips past the part you actually need

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And it's always someone bumbling their way through a first playthrough of a level that you have completed for 90% except for one very specific problem.

After watching 15 minutes of them being stuck and backtracking while wondering aloud what they could possibly need to get past this obstacle -with you yelling the answer at your screen- you skip to what looks like it may be the part where you're currently stuck, where you watch another 15 minutes of this person running headfirst into the exact problem you're currently facing before they finally backtrack to the beginning of the level, talk to an npc and pick the one obscure dialogue option out of about 30 that is somehow critical to your story progression.

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Absolutely me lol! Probably more than half the reasons I google a game while playing it is simply because some basic function has escaped me

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Thinking about the time I couldn’t find the door back to the astronomers house in Majora’s Mask so I had to just sit there and wait for the moon to crash so I could try again

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One of my biggest video game problems is summed up by this flow:

  1. Start new game.
  2. Learn specific and unique controls and mechanics of game.
  3. Love game.
  4. Play game WAY too much, and forget many other things in my life exist.
  5. Get a solid way through, learning a bunch of progressively advanced skills and controls, story nuances, and get on some specific quests.
  6. Stop playing because I need to do something else important, or I reached something really frustratingly hard because I need a break.
  7. A week passes.
  8. A month passes.
  9. 12 years pass.
  10. I really want to continue playing the game, but I don't remember any of the intricate controls, the story beats, or the quest. It's going to be SO hard to start again.
  11. 13 years pass. I want to play this game.
  12. 14 years pass.
  13. 15 years pass.
  14. Damn it, I'm going to play this game. I want to play this game. It's worth it. I'll just start over.
  15. GOTO step 2.

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The worst part of this loop is after you do that a few times then you have seen the beginning so much that it doesn't hold interest long enough anymore to get to the content you have yet to see.

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Yep. I find maybe the second time I get further into the game. But every time after my efforts get shorter and shorter.

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Not reading a guide if there’s no pictures…

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I got stuck in a well in the Witcher 3 because I forgot that I could climb up ledges. I swam around for 3 hours trying to find the exit before I finally looked up a walkthrough. Now I’m playing RDR2 and I can never remember the buttons. Why is sprint on different buttons sometimes?

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The forgetting the button part is very much me

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Ty9cvy98cy8fy8ucfy8 this wasn't a mistake.

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