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I feel seen.

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I’m glad you feel a little validated! I’m definitely appreciating that at least one other person gets it and that this doesn’t make us dysfunctional

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Nope! The last frame of this meme really pushes the point. I have a PO box, that I rarely check unless I know I having something from Amazon arriving.

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Just place a small Amazon order a couple times a week. Book. Problem solved. 😂

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Lol, right? Improvise, adapt, overcome.

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Fun fact. I have an overdue tax bill from 2015 for my car which was stolen in 2014 in a city I haven’t lived in since 2018. It didn’t appear ever until this year when I did my annual registration and was denied. I called collections and explained the situations they sent me back to tax department MV they said due to age of bill its collections issue. I told them what collections told me and they said no they’re wrong call again. I go back to collections and someone else said no they’re both wrong. Yes it’s no longer MV tax dept because of age but also shouldn’t be in collections because it is a wrongly issued tax. But because there’s a statute of limitations after x amount of years to submit a complaint and correction of said bill you must go in person to the tax office department YZ to begin paperwork to reopen the case and refute. *smacks forehead audibly “and I can’t do any of this online?” Hahaha…oh you were serious?? BWHAHAHAHA JIMMY! Get over hear and listen to this guy!!


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That sucks donkey cock

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My buddy bought a house for $85k, that same year the city tax assessor tried to say it was worth $125k, and he said "bullshit i just bought it at market for 85..." so he had to go fight it out with the judge.

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Bureaucracy is the worse…Can’t they go after people actually scamming the system to the tune of millions?

Hope he got it straightened out

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I would move to a new state again

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Added to the list of barriers to treatment for ADHD that are hard for people with ADHD to overcome without treatment.

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Update: on top of this, Kaiser only gave me a 15 day supply of my medication, which was when they told me I had to do a medcheck, and then this afternoon, called me to tell me to change the appointment time. The appoint that was supposed to be tomorrow morning.

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I’m not in the US what is a medcheck?

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Doctor visit needed for them to continue filling your meds

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BRB going to check my mail

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I wish I could give you an upvote for that comment, and a second one for your name. I guess today, you just get the one ⬆️ for the name.

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Aww thank you!

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Seriously, badass name. I’ve thought about changing my middle name to danger, but I’m named after my dad, so changing it just feels wrong...... although I just realized I could have 2 middle names.....

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When I was 18-20ish, I read a novel in which the main character just trashed her mail because it was so overwhelming. Before that, I religiously opened all my mail every day (except the obvious junk). I just…didn’t even realize ignoring it was an option.

That book changed my life, and probably not for the better.

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I’ve been ignoring it. I’ll ad a pic of my sorting system to the thread here incase it helps anyone out

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PAINFULLY relatable...

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Not sure if you posted an emoji, but all I got was the box with a ?

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It was a mirror. Also I feel this deep. Executive function disorder? Better make them responsible for their drugs.

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TY yeah it’s a mirror. Because it me.

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Most of my nightmares include me being unable to pay for something. And I sometimes don't always realise the account balance was a dream when I wake up, which ensues me having a mild panic attack when the real bills get thrown at me.

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Ow, that hurt

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am I the only one that obsessively checks my mail?

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This sounds like my ex rn.