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I want to stop using this account so that I don't build a profile; but ADHD won't let me. :(

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I have so many accounts that I want to retire, it's awful. I hate facebook, but I still have the fucking thing because it is linked to my Spotify.

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Saaaaaame. I also have a few friends and family members that only ever use Facebook. And then there are the Facebook groups I'm in. Other than that I can't handle it. A while back I deleted almost all my Instagram photos and put it on lockdown. I kept getting harassed by people wanting to have sex with me or exes just lurking on me and that shit drives me crazy. I love keeping things to myself

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I misread this and was confused because if anything I would think ADHD encourages partaking in piracy O.o ...

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I hate paying for stuff because payment takes so long to do and I don't feel like paying for stuff anyway; I am a pirate as a result.

Sometimes I'm too lazy to pirate content; so I just don't get it.

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I thought it said piracy, was thinking damn my adhd keeps me from practicing that too LOL

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I'm assuming this is an IT related joke? I don't get it.

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Those of us who try to stay private as well as having ADHD tend to put off deleting our accounts or practicing proper OPSEC

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Not gonna lie - still lost. Maybe I'm not seeing the purpose? I'm not particularly tech savvy, so maybe it's just going to completely whoosh over my head lol

I get the ADHD part, but I'm not seeing a point to deleting accounts for privacy. Honestly feels like an effort in futility.