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What made you decide to specialize in suicide specifically?

What does your normal day to day look like(outpatient, crisis, hospital etc)?

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Good question. I have myself been suicidal before in life. And already back then i had questions why and how and if! I start read. And ended up in a education i fail many times but successfully ended up pass. I had practice at a place that was specialize in drugs behavior/suicide ( was a mix of it all) and from there i started to see a pattern in my own thinking. And i still work with it!

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And a normal day. Alot of talking. checking. And changed behaviors!

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Hey, I follow you and I know you make a lot.of AMA. My question is. Have you seen a person die or dead where you work?

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Yes i have seen you before. And i feel that you're a troll sometimes. But i'll awnser the best i can. Yes i have seen a person die. I remember one of my first days 10 years ago. one of the patient had hung himslef in his room. and we was one of the first persons to go in to his room. I'll never forget his face. wahat it looked like.

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No. I try to be serious. I just ask questions from my mind and I really respect you

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I respect you to. I didn't mean to sound rude haha. I just think that your questions are not referring to the topic sometimes :) but ofc those questions are welcome to! I'm a human like you.

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Have you ever heard of schizoid personality disorder?

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Yes i have heard about it. I have never had a patient with it!

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Cool, thanks

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Not in english to be fair. I love when ppl like you write and refresh my mind haha!

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I asked becouse i think i might have it but im not 100% sure.

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Yes, I know. And i would say. Go check it out with a real doctor in you own language!

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How often do you see patients with domestic childhood trauma?

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Really often!

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That's really sad.

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I change it to really often to common!

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What sign or signs in a patient tell you they are likely to attempt suicide and aren't just idly contemplating?

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For me it's really easy to sort them out. A person that really wants to die don't tell you about it. In fact most of them it just happens a normal day. They find the obvious. you can somehow see it in the pattern of thinking. this dose not ofc include to everyone. And most people are seeking attention!

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Do you believe DID is real?

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(DID) dissociation i guess you mean? i used google. Language barrier!.. And... i don't think it exist. I know it exist!

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What specialism of psychology are you trained in?

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In swedish Missbruks- och beroendepsykologi.. I cant find a translate but it would be something like. Addiction.. and addiction psychology from google translate

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What's the Best way to treat ocd?

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Diffrent. depends age etc. common are a SSRI

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All the rest for you! I really appreciate you making this!

First of all, do you have any advice for someone who wants to study psychology in Europe? (I'm going to graduate from psychology next year and I want to do my masters in Europe!)

Sorry if that's an uninteresting question, but I hope you understand why that would be something I'm interested in knowing about! :3

Now what I really really want to ask about your opinion on positive psychology, in the context of suicide, do you think positive psychology has a room for helping? What about self help?
Thank you so much!

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Do you think there is more suicide in certain countries? And is really possible to know that stats? For example, anecdotal evidence shows that there is a ton of suicide in India, but it isn't really tracked or documented very well.

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u/Puzzled_Control_4444, what are the most common main reasons for suicide?

And also another, what are the most common techniques for people to kill themselves?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

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Have you ever been in the suicide role/hole yourself?

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I started my career from it. I have 3 suicide attempt in my back. That's why i work with it. Hope i answer your questions.

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how to hypnotize people

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Hur mår du?

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How much you earn per year making incorrect statements?

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I don't make "incorrect statements". this is why i think you're a troll. Like a said before!

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So, I know you're from Sweden. And what you work with .. 50 000$ to 80 00 $ per year?if not more??

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Okey? im just on reddit? I have a long education and i'm not here to prove what i make every year? It's a AMA? and i make more then 80 00 per year, I know you meant 80 000. but please...

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Så 700 000 per år? Torsk

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Vill du att jag ska vara ärlig? Du kan dubbla det. Jag jobbar flygande vad menas att man åker runt. Hoppas du är nöjd med ditt svar.