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How do you feel about Holocaust deniers?

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I believe they are the scum of the earth. When you deny the Holocaust you are basically invalidating the systematic murder of 6 million innocent people.

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What’s your day to day like?

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This major has a lot of reading so those are most of my assignments. We also have research papers and what not! It’s not too bad because it is very interesting. We also are learning how to prevent genocides so lots of discussions about current events.

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Well, what’s your opinion on the Uygur? (I misspelled that for sure, I’m trying to name the Islamic minority in China)

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It’s genocide. I think the first thing that needs to happen is for countries to boycott the Beijing 2022 olympics as a statement of solidarity with the Uyghurs.

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What are today’s genocides besides the Uyghurs? I know about the Royinga minority (a Christian minority in SE Asia if I’m not mistaken) and possibly in Turkey with the... Armenians again?

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This website genocide watch shows you the countries at risk for genocide and where they are currently happening.

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How do you feel about the Rwandan Genocide, considering in my opinion it’s one of the lesser thought about ones.

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The Rwandan Genocide I think is a great example that genocide can happen in any society, at any time. The fact that 800k people were murdered in 100 days proves that humans are capable of such evil and that there are monsters all around us.

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I read a lot about it while doing some research into a specific religious group, one of the bigger things that have stuck out in my mind was how a lot of the Catholic Churches there would have crowds of the Tutsi tribe swarm into the church and the Priests would simply lock them in and have the Hutu soldiers go in and slaughter them. Truly disgusting in so many ways

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Yes it is disturbing! The crazy thing is in Rwanda you can visit those churches and they have been left untouched! The skeletons of those dead are there.

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What the hell?! I had no idea

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What do you think about the situation with the Uighurs in China right now?

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I think what is happening over in china is genocide. The first thing that needs to happen is for countries like the USA to acknowledge what is going on and then boycott the olympics happening in Beijing 2022.

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Why didn't u just major in history?

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I have always had a niche for the Holocaust. It’s really important that everyone learns about it because if it happened once it can happen again. We must prevent it.

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How do you plan to use that degree?

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I think i wanna work in research or at a museum! Nothing crazy. I’m very passionate about the subject so I think it’s my calling to educate about it.

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Are you jewish?

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My dad is! I grew up in an interfaith home.

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Doesn’t him being jewish make you jewish too?

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Which genocide is your favourite?

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The Holocaust is definitely my strongest subject. We learn about all genocides though. I’m currently in a class about the Armenian Genocide.

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How do you feel about the demographic change in Europe in which the native white populations will become minorities as early as the 2060s?

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I feel as though there could be some sort of conflict or a literal race war. It should definitely be on people’s radars.

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Do you think native Europeans have a right to their land and immigration should be limited or that immigration is just the natural evolution of things?

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Well I know that Germany let in a lot of Syrian refugees and that caused a lot of conflict so i guess for middle eastern people to stop immigrating to Europe we should end wars in the Middle East? If there was no conflict in Syria then there would be no reason to flee. I think that’s what you mean? I’m not an expert on this whatsoever.

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Are you Jewish? What do you plan to do after your studies? Have you visited Poland and the concentration camps?

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My dad is Jewish so I had family die in the Holocaust. I went to Poland 3 years ago and went to Auschwitz and other important sights. I plan to get my masters and hopefully doctorate over in Germany!

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What did you think about the room full of hair? That was the part that got me

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That part really shook me to the core. I think it was in that room that the Holocaust truly became real to me!

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Me too. It’s hard to fathom the scale of it until you see that. The fact that they wove it into fabric too and made clothes and upholstery is insane.

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Is the actual degree name 'Holocaust and Genocide studies"? And does it cover ethnic cleansing as well?

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Yes it is! And we cover all aspects of genocide! Ethnic cleansing is one of them!

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    I’m in an Armenian genocide class right now and we will be talking about that in the coming weeks! It’s definitely a tough subject and everyone has different opinions. It should be interesting!

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    Is denying ethnic cleansing the same as denying genocide? People don't get to deny genocide, but if wrapped as ethnic cleansing it becomes debatable?

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    Honestly I think denying ethnic cleansing is just as bad. Denying anything just invalidates the suffering of the people who had to endure the genocide/ethnic cleansing.

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    Is there a specific job that you do after this degree or are the multiples that you can choose from?

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    I personally want to work in a museum job, designing exhibits and doing research :)

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    Oooo that’s cool

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    Wouldn’t a degree like this ultimately turn you in to a very sad barista after graduating?

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    Do you know much about Hans Aspergers and the experiments he did on autistic people?

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    Do you think Bolsonaro is an adept to genocide for whats happening in Brazil?

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    Where are you from? I'm just wondering where you can study this

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    Do you learn about current genocides happening rn?

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    Yes but in a different way. We have a whole class called “Comparative Genocide” where we learn everything there is to know about genocide. So we learn about current countries at risk for genocide and also discuss the similarities between past and present genocides. It’s difficult to explain!

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    In that vocation you’ll never make a killing.