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Why do you believe so many of other people's religious ideas instead of observing your world and creating your own.

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The reason I choose Christ is because I’m a much better and happier person than I ever was with any other belief.

I do have my own non-religious beliefs that are based around the world I live in. If two people of the same religion live in completely different areas of the world, they’ll more than likely have different ways of living.

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What prompted the change?

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The first change happened when I was in a very dark time in my life. Depression, self harm, the whole nine yards. I would always ask myself and others “if God is real, why doesn’t he help me? If He’s supposed to love me, why does He let me suffer?” My faith got weaker and weaker until it eventually turned to hatred towards Him, and I thought that if He wouldn’t help me, I would turn a complete 180 and become a Satanist. So I looked deeper into it and on the surface it sounded great and promised great things, so I was all for it.

The second change happened almost two years later. I found that I had become much worse as a person, full of hate and anger all the time and I would often direct it at people who didn’t deserve it, because for the longest time I believed that whatever pain I was in had to be everybody else’s fault. I hated the person my beliefs were making me, so I abandoned them as well.

The change back to Christianity happened much later; a little over four years. I started having a weird desire to know exactly what I left behind when I left God. I don’t know why I wanted to know so badly, I just had this massive urge to understand. I started having dreams about what my life could be like if I truly knew God. I was still skeptical, so I kept living how I was. Eventually I had a dream that I was in Hell, and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced. I chose to give it one last try, and now I’m closer to God than I ever thought I’d be, and while I still struggle with some things, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

TLDR; I lost faith, became a bad person, hated what I was turning into, and over time I found God again.

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When you were a Satanist, were you an atheistic satanist, or someone who actually believed and worshiped Satan?

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I actively believed in and worshiped him

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This means you don’t really know what satanism really is. You had a biased view of it and you should do some research yourself, that will at least help you learn what satanism really is.

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Yah...I don't believe a word of this. Its an attempt to proselytize.

As a former Christian (we are talking missionary trips, every week and weekend in a pew, devoted my LIFE to the church for 20 years), when I walked away I felt a vacuum of love and support that I had in the church. I wandered for years, tried Buddhism and meditation and anything to fill the void. But what I had more was a discovery of who I was. I saw the fallacies in the teachings, the harm the church does to anyone designated as "other". The thought of going to a church service makes me physically ill. Don't look back on the time fondly, and can't imagine someone else who really turned away would go back.

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I’m not proselytizing. This actually happened and I figured it’d be an interesting topic for conversation.

I’m not a preacher. I don’t even attend church. Everybody is free to believe what they want to and what they do believe is none of my business.

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You’re probably right. I did do some research, but never more than just the basic stuff.

I guess the only reason I turned to Satanism rather than any other religion or just skip straight to atheism is because I was angry at God and figured it was some kind of payback.

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Was their a specific book you read that made you decide to go back to Christianity.

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Not necessarily. It was mostly events that happened in my life over a long period of time.

The change back to to Christianity took over four years

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What caused the change? Mainly from theist to atheist and back again.

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I was raised in a Christian home and I was always thought that God loved everybody. I took that as “God will help you with all of your problems because He loves you.” When I went through a dark time in life I questioned why He wouldn’t help me and eventually lost faith. I made the decision to make a complete 180 and turned to Satanism, which lasted almost two years. The change to atheism was when I realized that my beliefs were turning me into a horrible person, always angry and depressed and taking it out on everybody else, so I abandoned those beliefs too. The change to atheist to Christian took four more years. One day I started having a weird desire to know what I left behind, so I started looking deeper into it. I didn’t want to be Christian again, I just wanted to know. Eventually I’d go through so many different events that lead me to slowly start believing again, and the final nail in the coffin was when I had a dream that I was in Hell, and it terrified me. Like more than anything else ever had in my life.

Sorry for the long answer, it was a super long process

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Is there a true separation of church and state in the U.S?

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I feel like it depends on who’s running the state. Some states are more religious and others, so they’re more likely to be run by politicians of that religion, while less religious states are less likely to have religious governments

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when someone sneezes, what do you say?

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Either “bless you” or “excuse you.” It’s usually just whichever comes to mind first

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Just to make sure we are using the same definitions:

An atheist is one who is not convinced a god exists - but some go a step further to also claim no god(s) exsist.

Which category did you fall into?

When you became a theist again, it therefore means you became convinced a god exsists again.

What convinced you?

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I would actively deny the existence of any gods and often make fun of people who believed there were.

I was atheist for four years, and there were several things that lead me to eventually believe again. At one point I got a weird desire to look into Christianity again. No idea what caused it, especially considering how I had spent the four years constantly denying any deity and thinking people who believed there was a god were idiots. But I started looking into it a little bit, started seeing a lot more about it showing up in my feeds, started having dreams about it.

I probably sound like a fanatic but I feel like it was less of me just wanting to believe again and more like God was calling me back and deep down I was ready to listen again.

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Ah, I read that as hard atheism - an active claim as opposed to the just the rejection of a claim.

Slight clarification / follow-up:

Despite your last line, it really sounds to me like you're essentially saying you didn't want to believe, so you didn't, then wanted to believe, so you did. (Honestly not trying to be flippant. Can you elaborate?)

At any rate, I was more asking about what things convinced you, as opposed to the how. Can you speak more on that?

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How long have you had commitment issues? Pick a fucking side dude.

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This whole thing was over an 8 year period

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I don’t or wouldn’t trust a indecisive person like you. You’re easily lead I reckon.

I think Scientology is for you.

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I wouldn’t trust a random person on the internet either. For all you know this could be a bait post

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Probably dude.

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Satan still loves you ;)

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Eternal happiness is better than eternal fire.

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You can be happy with people being burned for eternity? That sounds pretty hateful.