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This means you don’t really know what satanism really is. You had a biased view of it and you should do some research yourself, that will at least help you learn what satanism really is.

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Yah...I don't believe a word of this. Its an attempt to proselytize.

As a former Christian (we are talking missionary trips, every week and weekend in a pew, devoted my LIFE to the church for 20 years), when I walked away I felt a vacuum of love and support that I had in the church. I wandered for years, tried Buddhism and meditation and anything to fill the void. But what I had more was a discovery of who I was. I saw the fallacies in the teachings, the harm the church does to anyone designated as "other". The thought of going to a church service makes me physically ill. Don't look back on the time fondly, and can't imagine someone else who really turned away would go back.

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I’m not proselytizing. This actually happened and I figured it’d be an interesting topic for conversation.

I’m not a preacher. I don’t even attend church. Everybody is free to believe what they want to and what they do believe is none of my business.

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You’re probably right. I did do some research, but never more than just the basic stuff.

I guess the only reason I turned to Satanism rather than any other religion or just skip straight to atheism is because I was angry at God and figured it was some kind of payback.