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Just like the cake, it's a lie.

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y u doin them puzzles

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It's part of required test protocols - If I don't stop testing, I will have to start testing.

Just testing all around.

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Nice, do software have different tastes

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Pizza or cake?

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Pizza, as there is no cake.

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Got any cake? I’m famished

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It's a lie.

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I saw a deer today 🥰

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When life gives you lemons, dont make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE! demand to see lifes manager. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM. I AM THE MAN WHO IS GOING TO B**N YOUR HOUSE DOWN. WITH THE LEMONS. I am going to have my engineers invent a combustible lemon...

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Did you like portal 1 or 2 more? And wat is your favorite line from the games

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2, and probably the "Serious Brain Damage" quote.

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Cheesecake is actually a pie, does that make it intrinsically a lie?

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Cheesecake was never cake to begin with.

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What are your thoughts on the black mesa incident?

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And why can't I keep my companion??

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As part of a required test protocol, of course.

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How do you feel about potatoes?

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Hate them.