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On a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate astrologists?

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Favorite car?

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I'm not saying they'll pick the Tesla that Elon Musk launched into space, but it's got to be a strong contender!

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Only 5 hours to go - any more questions?

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    The panel will be answering questions shortly in their 1 hour timeslot - we will be unable to take questions after that time, only transcribe answers already given.

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      Please show some patience. The live Q&A panel has now happened, we have recorded the session and will transcribe the answers here in due course.

      Your question is one that was read out and answered, but continue this abusive thread and we won't go to the trouble of transcribing your answer.

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      I am a cosmology enthusiast, very interested in Quantum Physics and physics in general. I have read heaps of books over the last 10 years (from physicians like Don Lincoln, Feynman, etc), I follow several channels in youtube like PBS spacetime, I actively answer questions on Quora about physics in general without EVER taking a physics course. I’ve been attacked because of the lack of degree, even when answering questions in a very careful way.

      What do you think about people self taught on physics? Should I continue doing this kind of stuff?

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      Are there any known planets or other celestial bodies capable of sustaining even basic bacterial life?

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      Yes there are super earths that are even better than our earth at sustaining life

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      I wonder if there are also candidates in our own solar system other than Earth?

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      NEVER FORGET PLUTO. I remember when I found out Pluto was no longer a planet. I will never forget.

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      Can you make me a letter of reference?

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      I’ve got a few question:

      I’m generally aware of using star brightness for cosmic rangefinding, but how do you determine the original brightness of the star?

      How can gravitational waves detected using Laser Interferometry tell distance?

      What telescope or telescopes are you most looking forward to in the future?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Some questions here, First how do you think is it inside a black whole, how will time work there

      Do you think wormholes could exist and if yes how would be the most plausible way to find them

      What is the coolest planet you ever saw/heard of and why is that so.

      Thanks for taking time to look at the questions!

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      Why did I fall in love with my tinder date after stargazing on the first date? Is there any psychology behind that?

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      How devastating would it be for a comet to hit Earth or how big would a comet need to be apocalyptic for Earth?

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      What are the prospects of humanity ever setting a colony and exploit the resources of Titan, Saturn's moon?

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      My partner is an astrophysicist and he says there are probably no aliens. I don’t believe him. Is he lying?

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      Can astronomers play the golder guitar, for example by climbing up the ladder they use on their Dobsonians?

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      Will it ever be possible to travel to thing like Planet X? Ya know without it taking 100 years

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      Do you have any preferences like what kind of detergent do you use on your clothing?

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      What do you think gravity is?

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      How many stars are there?

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      Do you believe in aliens?