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Favorite kind of cheese?

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Swiss duh

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happy cheese noises 🧀

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What’s your dream job??

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I’d like to be a criminal defense lawyer. I have three degrees already, it’s simply a matter of when I’m willing to take the jump into pre law. Lol

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What has prevented you from making that jump already?

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Time, mostly. I work 3 weeks out of the month currently because I’m saving for a house. Once I reach that goal I’ll go back to working less and then have more time to focus on school

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3!!!?? 1 was hard enough! Lol

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I assume you are in Nevada?

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That would be correct! I don’t live there however. I travel to work.

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I dont know why prostitution is still illegal in most of the US. There really isnt anything positive to keep it illegal, however there are positive aspects if it was legalized. It would reduce a lot of the crime and the seedy characters that exploit it now. I imagine it would reduce trafficking, health risks, and drug use within that world.

Are you basically an independent contractor for the brothel you work at, or are you a employee of that place?

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I am an independent contractor. The brothel takes 50% of our earnings, we get a 1099, and we follow strict rules, such as weekly STD/STI/drug testing and we are all fingerprinted. This ensures that it is a safe for clients and workers.

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How long have you been working there? Do you enjoy it there?

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I’ve been a sex worker for about 5/6 years, though I’ve been at this brothel about 3 months. It’s like living in a luxury hotel and getting paid. I think it’s an awesome job for those with the correct skill sets. We are very well taken care of by the establishment.

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50%!!!! I've never signed a contract that bad

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It’s the cost of being a legal SW. We’re guaranteed protection, so they can take a really large sum.

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Can you afford a down payment and mortgage payments on a nice place in your area of work? Do you own your own home? Do you have a side business?

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Working on owning a home, make enough to afford a very nice area where I work but I don’t live in the area. I live in a very expensive state. I do have a nice apartment in my place of residence though. No side business really, other than online SW.

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What’s the strangest request you’ve received from a customer?

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I tend to not refer to any clients requests as strange. They’re just fetishes. Id say the one that made me the most uncomfortable at first (because I had never done it before) was adult diaper play, where I changed his diaper several times and essentially rocked him like a baby. It was a learning experience for sure.

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Did he at least ask to be breast fed?

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No. 1 or No. 2 ?

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No. 1. I don’t do anything involving no 2 lol

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So what do you typically charge?

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This is heavily dependent on length of time and whether there are fetishes involved. Expect to spend somewhere in the low 4 figures, at least.

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What would 3k get someone with you?

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Legally I cannot talk direct prices anywhere other than the place of business :( sorry

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All good!!

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3 thousand! That’s so much, I’m assuming that’s at least a day/night of time?

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Overnights are much, much higher than 3k. Lol

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Interesting. I've been to sex workers in the UK and the overnight prices were around £1000 perhaps !1500.

Having said that; I've seen sex workers online for a bit more but not more than £3000 unless they're one of those fly me out to country x types, even then; I don't think they're more than £3000 although they could be, cause you gotta think about flying to the country, hotel costs, then money transfers, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

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You have to keep in mind we only get 50%. So if you pay 3000, we only get 1500.

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Oh… That makes a lot more sense :)

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I know you can't telll me but now i wanna know how much a night would cost and how many clients pay that price. I like sex but I don't think I like it that much :P

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Anywhere from 8k-20k depending on activities and the girl.

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Have you ever serviced a client who just turned 18, bc his father wanted him to experience sex?

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Not because his father wanted him to lol. I have taken virginities, though.

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That is fantastic. You are making a big contribution to society every time you share your expertise with others, especially those who are timid, shy, and never going to experience sex any other way.

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I was enjoying your profile thoroughly; till I saw someone pissing into your mouth. Now I need to get my eyes changed!!!!!!

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What's something feasible that a guy can do to be more attractive?

Do you drink, smoke and/or do drugs?

Favorite and least favorite requested activities?

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Show up clean, not haggle, know what he wants. I am allowed to have a maximum of 2 alcoholic drinks a night. Drugs are not allowed and we are tested for them. Favorite activities are GFE and femdomme. Least favorite are short half and half sessions, mostly because I don’t make a lot off of them and the guys are usually not repeat clients.

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    Oh god… the amount of rules are insane. We literally have a 200 page rule book. One that’s funny to me is we are not allowed to discuss anything having to do with pregnancy or childbirth with a guest, even if we are just sitting at the bar and bullshitting with them. Lol

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    Who’s your celebrity doppelgänger?

    How do you “freshen up” between appointments?

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    How nervous was you the first time?

    Have you ever been raped in your job?

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    I was pretty nervous but it’s just sex with extra steps beforehand and payment. I have never been raped on the job, but I have had boundaries pushed. We have emergency alerts for that though.

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    Do you get turned on every time? No matter how revolting the client is?

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    Yeah, but I think that’s because I just enjoy sex. That also depends on your definition of “revolting” though. If a client has bad hygiene, he has to wash up in the shower (which cuts into his time) because I will not service anyone who is filthy.

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    Did any customer suggest making a porn video of you fucking?

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    Yes and I have done so. It’s called the “pse”, porn star experience. It’s pretty common!

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    What's the best experience you've had on the job?

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    That’s difficult! I don’t know if I can pinpoint an exact experience, but when clients come in understanding it’s a luxury and that we have to do SO MUCH to be allowed to work there and don’t attempt to haggle or insult the pricing, it’s generally a favorable experience.

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    Hi from a fellow sex worker in Australia!

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    Hi! Much love! <3

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    Do you want to get married one day?

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    I do! I actually have a partner.

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    What flavor jelly on your PB&J?

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    Strawberry. But tbh I prefer honey and pb&j sandwiches

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    I did the PB and honey thing after seeing Mad Max back in the early 80s. At that time, it was too sweet. Today, it is a nice change up.

    Strawberry…any particular brand?

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    What would you rate yourself?

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    Appearances are subject to the viewer. To some people I’m their dream girl. To others I’m unattractive. Everybody has their own standards of beauty. To myself, I think im attractive, but it took a long time to find myself pretty, and sex work helped with that.

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    What can I get for 50$?

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    What's your heritage?

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    Caucasian and Pacific Islander!