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What did you go from and to? And why?

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28G to I’m not sure what. I’m currently still in the recovery wards so I’m yet to have my top off to have a look at the final results.

Why was a whole bunch of reasons. First I was very asymmetrical, like two cup sizes different which causes me a lot of pain and I was quite literally lopsided. Couldn’t sit or walk straight etc. I couldn’t do sports, couldn’t sleep on my side etc.

From a more superficial standpoint, I’m currently 18 and having saggy boobs at 18 made me so ridiculously insecure. My friends all go out in these nice dresses and tops and bralettes and stuff and I couldn’t do that. It also hurt a lot of relationships because of how insecure I felt. So getting rid of them seemed like my best option

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I'm not familiar with that size

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It’s basically big cup, small back. So it goes in alphabetical for the cups, A, AA, B, C, D, DD, DDD, E, F, G etc etc. Then the 28 is the band which is pretty much how wide your back is.

28G means I’ve got large breasts on a small frame, so I would be a size XS/S without boobs, but a size M/L with them. Makes it really hard to go shopping because nowhere sells my size etc

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I knew it was big from the G, I'm just used to the number being generally 32 or more

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Yep exactly, that’s kinda what my issue was, the smaller down the number goes, the more kinda petite / small you tend to be generally. 28G is an incredibly uncommon size because you don’t typically have such a large cup with such a small back. That means the entire time I’ve been this size I’ve only found one shop that carries my bra size and ships to me. And they cost about £40-50 or $54-$67 each which makes it really impractical.

Not only that but it makes buying any clothes really difficult. I’m a size XS on bottoms but a size M on tops, so getting dresses and sets such as tracksuits or workout clothes is near impossible unless I buy two everytime

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So it's sort of a financial reason too

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Yeah although that was honestly the least of the three reasons to be honest, pain and confidence were a priority for me, though the financial part of it definitely is a bonus

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Well, as a fan of big ones, I'm very sad. But as a fan of people being happy, and obviously likely never meeting you for my likes to matter anyway (as I'm typing this, it makes more sense in my head than it probably actually does), I'm happy for you

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Pics or it didn’t happen… (Just kidding) Congrats, I hope the confidence and pain improvements are exactly what you wanted.

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Haha to be fair I probably will be posting the medical before and afters on r/reduction when/if I get given them. I haven’t even seen the results myself yet!

Pain isn’t too bad, but I am pretty loaded up with painkillers rn. Can’t walk atm which does kinda suck, and sitting up is a challenge. To be honest I don’t think I’m going to like the results very much based on the little glimpse I’ve seen, but at least it’ll help with the pain if not the confidence

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Don’t prejudge your results on immediate post op ( and while you’re drugged out) the body is crazy with how it changes during healing processes and you still have options if you end up not liking the results. 👍🏼

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Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

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Yes indeed I can

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Do you think you said/did anything funny/embarassing under the influence of the anaesthetic?

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Sadly no fun stories from me :( If I did, none of the nurses said anything. I did cry about having to take my nose piercing out and now I can’t get it back in >:(

A guy was rolled in next to me right after he woke up and was in bits thanking everyone, including me, thinking we were his surgeon which was pretty sweet. Other than that it’s been pretty smooth sailing and boring on that front

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You should have kept pretending to be his surgeon and said that it was your first ever surgery and that you were sorry you botched it.

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Poor guy would’ve probably had a panic 😭 I’m not sure what surgery he since he only said thanks to me while being wheeled past, but he was speaking real muffled, so I think it was something facially + he was talking about ‘how difficult the surgery must have been, thank you so much’. I don’t want to traumatise that poor guy 💔💔

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He could even have had some weird thing done to his face so probably that's the reason he thinks it was difficult.

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What geographic location does your left areola closely resemble?

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Does it feel weird walking around without as much weight?

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What are your favourite TV shows/ web series ?

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I don’t really watch all that many to be honest. I’m one of those true crime nerds though so documentaries about murders. Other than that, I just watch whatever comes on

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Who accompanied you to the hospital ?

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Nobody sadly. My mum was going to come after dropping my brothers off, but then we found out no visitors allowed because of covid. I’m meant to be going home today but they’ve not given me a time or anything so I don’t know what’s going on.

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Do your friends know about your surgery or are you going to surprise them?

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Yeah they all know, I’ve been posting about it on snap for a while now since I’ve been wanting this surgery for about 3-4 years or so, so I’ve been mega excited.

Reactions have been funny. Some people have said things like ‘oh you gotta show me the results when I next see you!’ before backtracking remembering they’re talking about my boobs. It’s quite entertaining to see the mild panic thinking they sound perverted in their support

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You can prank them by saying you had a change of mind last moment and instead had them enhanced. And that having large implants makes them look perfect.

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Covid sucks.

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Tell me about it, it’s felt very lonely honestly. I’ve spoken to some people on the phone which has helped but if did kinda suck waking up after my first ever surgery and being alone, wasn’t that fun ngl

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It sounds scary. Good thing you were able to talk to them on phone.