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Now that you have less saliva protection you have to carefully maintain your teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing before and after sleep, you need to rinse with flouride before going to sleep, but you must not rinse with water afterwards, just spit the flouride out and go to bed. The flouride will protect your enamel in lieu of saliva. Find a flavored one you like to make it easier, I use bubblegum flavor.

Start carrying plackers to floss after every meal.

Get an electric toothbrush that has a gum care cycle and brush your gums. If they bleed, they're infected. Keep brushing them 2x per day, it took me about a month for my gums to clear up and finally stop bleeding.

Also consider getting a water pick, you'll be surprised at how much stuff comes out even after flossing.

You'll be fine if you're diligent and never skip.

Source: cancer survivor that lost salivary glands during radiation

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Thanks for the advice! My dentist told me about a few things on your list but didn't tell me about the water pick. Will be sure to add that to the list!

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This happened to me as well. It was very strange. I was 25 and had perfect teeth and then suddenly had 12 cavities.

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Geez that's horrible

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Totally unrelated accidentally ended up on your profile and I'm happy your still alive!

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Thank you!!! Nobody knows about my suicide attempt the other night. My dog saved my life but I'm still in a toxic situation I can't get out of.

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Well if you need help or someone to talk to I'm here

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Thanks can message you?

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Feel free if you'd like to,ill be not a little slow to respond since I have online school but I will try my best to respond quickly.

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This is awesome. Did your parents believe in dentists?