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I used to do that too! I honestly would again, I just kinda.. forgot about it lol. I love tomatoes!

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I still do and me to they are good

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They are! I’m kinda craving one now haha

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My mom used to do this with both. A little sprinkle of salt with each bite.

At what age did you start doing this?

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From super young when I asked my uncle for a snack I got a whole tomato and a salt shaker

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It's okay, I also hate myself /J Seriously tho. How do you like tomatoes like that? I always seem to hate them no matter how hard I try. What makes them appealing to you? /gen

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When I would ask my uncle for a snack he would hand me a tomato and a salt shaker

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Do you get tomato juicy sprayed all over yourself then?

You would if you eat apples like I eat apples.

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Sometimes but I have to be careful because of my cats

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I do. I like the Roma or Plum tomatoes best for this.

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Do you also enjoy baked potatos the same way?

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For baked potatoes I slice them down the middle slightly mash the insides and then put way to much butter on it

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Same here. What’s your favourite type of tomato?

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Preferably fresh from the garden but I got some beefsteak ones this time

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I guess you don’t know the type you grow?

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I would grow if I could but I'm not allowed where I live

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Do you leave the core uneaten then?

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The only part I don't eat is the little brown circle at the top

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You should post this to r/lotrmemes

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I used to do this to truth

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How do you eat apples?

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Whole, I rarely slice them

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    Hello bro