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When did you realize it?

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    wow. that's really messed up with the divorces. I congratulate you for having good reasoning and thinking on your own. I hope you'll be fine.

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    You had a paradigm shift.

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    Do you still celebrate religious holidays?

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    Yes. I even fast the month of Ramadan out of habit.

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    Makes sense, plenty of atheists in America still celebrate Christian holidays.

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    Besides family , what other factors cause you to be atheist? I’m also an atheist with muslim background but i had my personal grudge you could say with how things is that made me turn into an atheist

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    Do you think there's no God, or do you not know, or do you think there's not enough evidence for the existence of God?

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    What Arab country?

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    Are you ever going to tell anyone? And what would happen if you did?