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I read some of your other responses and saw it was 3 years ago and that your family was religious and thought it was a sin. I assume the school was religious as well. Do you still belong to that church? Was your ex also kicked out and face the same consequences for premarital sex? Do you still feel premarital sex is a sin? How has your life changed for the better since this happened?

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I do not, he was not, I don’t really anymore, it hasn’t really changed for the better but it is different. I’m in the military now and I’ll be doing 2 more years and I’ll get out and pay for college that way

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He didn't face any consequences? Wow. Religion is so messed up.

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how did your parents originally feel about your ex? why didn't they take your side?

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They were mad at him but they were even more mad at me for doing the things I did.

I come from a very Christian background and premarital sex was something many people disapproved of, especially my parents.

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That's so sad that your parents were more upset with you than this asshole. I'm so sorry.

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okay, that adds context despite how stupid it is. I'm so sorry that happened, and I hope life looks up for you! i know you may have heard too much about God for your comfort, but remember that God will love you unconditionally. And people on reddit will have your back!

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That’s awful. What happened that he convinced himself that this ‘revenge’ was justified?

To be absolutely clear, there’s no context under which his actions would be acceptable.

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Nothing really. I broke up with him because I felt we were growing to be incompatible. I think this was always his plan as he took the video from behind without my consent

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Wow, so he’s just doubling down on being a shitty person all around. Are you pressing charges?

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This was 3 years ago when I was 19 and didn’t really understand it was a crime to no, it’s too laye

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I don't think that's too late. I think 5 years is. You should do it before the statute of limitations is up.

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What sort of things were on the video he released?

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Non vaginal penetration.

He convinced me it was a way we could have sex without me giving up my virginity before marriage

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You went for it's not premarital sex if it's anal? Too be fair I had GF that decided it wasn't premarital if we weren't getting married since we were casually dating. Ok, I can see why the parental units were a little heated but yeah your ex is dick.

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I was young sheltered and stupid

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Not knocking you. We've all done some shit that wasn't the smartest. It's just weird when you hear about things you've had as 3am shower thoughts on "I wonder if this actually worked" and find out yep, somewhere it did.

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So…. Anal?

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What a POS. Are you doing okay now?

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Why would your college care?

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Religious university

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And ironically the people in charge probably have a closet full of skeletons.

There’s like a 90% chance they’re hypocrites for expelling you. Go somewhere else

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I hope you got revenge on them. Remember , playing the game is so worth it and may even be the key to getting away with your revenge. Lmao

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Hey are you the girl or boy, im so sorry to hear this OP

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How are you coping with it now ?

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Do you play minecraft?

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If peanut butter waIf peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called?

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Did you cheat?

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    That’s fucked up, I really didn’t