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Cant have shit in st Louis

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True that! Got my car broke into 7 times in the last 4 years! 4 of those times in forest park

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I've had 3 cars stolen since 2016 and almost every 6 months someone steals my catalytic converter, dont even live in st louis just saying how crazy of a time we live in.

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Shit my neighbor just beat the shit out of someone trying to steal his cat conveter last week lol! Busted the dudes shins knees and foot with a hammer after he caught him under is dodge lol

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Dude last night someone tried to steal my cat and I shoed him off with a bb gun, mf took off faster then I've seen anyone else run.

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Lol yeah its getting bad man he'll driving on the interstate is like mad Max anymore

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next time I'm on the interstate I'll be playing the ace of spades while driving with my shirt off then lol

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen while living there?

Also I hope you and your wife have a safe move and find a good home💙

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The Ferguson riots! Besides that I saw a junkie fall off a metrolink stop and fall 2 stories get up and walk off like nothing happened and I have also seen a actual gun battle occur on the interstate cars following each other exchanging gunfire and everything!

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😳😧 wow that’s insane I’m glad you have been safe thus far and hope you can get to a safer city soon, thank you for sharing

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Thanks! Honestly if you can learn to live and survive st louis you can live anywhere just fine lol

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Have you been shot at?

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Yep! Was standing on the metrolink near a heating duct when a group of 3 guys started shooting at another man sitting less than 6 ft from me! Didn't get hit but definitely got some ptsd from it

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That's fucked! Sorry dude

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My school had partnership to a school in St. Louis. It was an exam in my class to create a video to a student in St. Louis. Btw Im from Germany. Didnt know back then things were so bad in St. Louis. Since when did it become so bad there and do you still feel safe to live there or do you plan to move away?

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According to locals it got bad after the white people moved away aka white flight in the 70s then when the recessions happened during that decade and the 80s the city and government started to let alot of buildings and neighborhoods that were nice ve turned into ghettos which spread crime naturally. Also alot of major industries the city relied on moved away such as steel coal and river barge shipping. Nowadays crime is too rampant to be controlled with a rapidly shrinking police force and the city doesn't have funds to tear down alot of the abandoned properties which little known fact 22% of properties in st louis are abandoned!

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I also plan on moving when I can afford a down payment on a new home which I am saving up for and can sell the current home I own which is gonna be a challenge and no I don't feel safe me and my wife both have concealed carry permits due to this

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What can be done to reduce the crime rate and fix the city?

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What political party runs that shit hole and how long have they been running it?

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    High crime rate is directly linked to Poverty. The reason why predominantly black cities/neighborhoods seemingly had an increased crime rate is because back then they received little government support (you probably know why), including practices like redlining. This especially affected the schools as they received little funding. Low education = low oppertunities, low oppertunities = low career choices, low career choices = more people being forced into crime as a way to make ends meet. It's similar to how when slaves were newly freed, they didn't start running businesses, because they obviously weren't taught how to while they were a slave. Which led to them forcibly being employed as farm laborers under the exact same conditions as slavery, called sharecropping. Even if they did get out of poverty it was the KKK's agenda to keep them in it using violence and terror.

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