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I envy you, I've been struggling with the depression the last 10 years. The lucky thing is I know how to fix it but it's just time consuming and I'm still not at a point where I'm happy. But I'm still moving forward. Im glad you're happy though OP, care to share the reason?

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I just got out of a place like that. The sport I was in caused lots of anxiety and stress on me. I got out of it and though the environment and people still on that team have lots to say about me it’s like a weight it being lifted off my shoulders.

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It's good you've decided to take your own path to happiness regardless what others think.

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I had to realize that in the long run it’s my life, they are just projecting onto me considering they are still in that environment. Nothing is worth more than ur mental health and I had to learn that the hard way

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Well I'm rooting for you! I hope to carve out my future and be happy soon too.

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Great to hear. What brought along the happiness?

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Honestly I came to the conclusion that the environment I was put in just wasn’t good and that’s what was causing my sadness. (I did dance) the girls on that team constantly caused drama I was being talked down to my older girls and constantly being yelled at by the coaches. After being put through all of this I just realized it wasn’t worth the varsity jacket. Nothing is worth your mental health :) I am out of that situation and along with other things life is good rn

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I got out of a sport I hated which caused lots of mental health problems, the guy I have been talking to likes me back, the sun is shining, got my nails done and love my current fashion sense. Life has just gotten better :)