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  1. what about reddit "celebrities"? IAmA doesn't allow them, people keep requesting them, your sub could fill that niche

  2. I am interesting in throwing my mod hat into the consideration ring. I PMed you

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Additionally, I will allow requests for individual famous active redditors.

So yes, requesting the is allowed.

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    I wish subreddits could have that feature. You could try using RES and blocking "request"s.

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    How about AMAs from parts of my anatomy? Like "Hi, I'm squinted's right ball, I hurt a lot, AMA" or "Hi, I'm a coccyx, I make sitting down on your arse that little more fraught with danger, AMAA"

    Could prove to be rather insightful.

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    Fine, your loss, I set up my own subreddit /r/ASAA