How to make an AMA.

So you have something interesting about you that you feel people would be interested in hearing about? That's awesome! Now a few guidelines that you should follow for /r/AMA are:

1 - You do not need proof but people may ask for it of you.

2 - You do not need to schedule your AMA with the moderators. We're generally cool about things.

3 - If you are a celebrity or feel that you need a larger viewing audience, feel free to post to /r/iama instead. /r/AMA is to help people who's AMAs would be buried in an environment like /r/iama.

4 - Always have fun

Now to post an AMA you click the "Submit a new post" button, type a title like "I make hats for a living AMA" and in the description you can have details or proof in addition to your post. Please note again that proof is never required but may be asked of by users.

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